PlayStation 5

Lucky you :)

Mostly this is correct. Though, I do now have to sit at the office for 4 agonizing hours. It came in over my lunch break. ;)

You can wile away the time on QT3 til then to help pass the time hehe.

I scanned your QR code and now your playstation is mine! Mu hu ha ha ha ha

Do we have a current list of QT3 PSN names? I’m playing PS5 way more than I ever played my PS4 so need to get some friends.

I feel like we should have a thread that catalog’s everyone’s stuff, like Steam, PSN, Twitter, Microsoft, etc. - didn’t we have a living doc at some point wtih a lot of this collected? Maybe it should be in a pinned thread in the Games sub?


I think it was pinned at one point in the forum rules, wasn’t it?

This is the big database:


This is the forum rules thread, I guess it became unpinned at some point? Unless I accidentally unpinned it in my version of the board and maybe other people can see it as pinned?

Good find - I could have sworn I submitted my info but I don’t see my name so I submitted it again.

EDIT: Oh, I see, I was in there but not as much detail as the one I just submitted. I’d delete the old entry but I don’t think I have access.

That list needs some cleanup, I think. Not everyone is still an active forum member.

Added a few people that I could find on that list. @Scotch_Lufkin your name on Zoho doesn’t seem to exist on PSN. If anyone wants to add me, I’m Vesper-P.

This is what I see in my Account information when I sign into PSN.


Maybe you’re set to invisible or something? Searching for FelixKrowe gives no results.

That’s possible - I don’t have a PSN online account, so it didn’t seem really that important. When I get
home from work I’ll poke around and see if I can open my account up.

Or, I can do it from the web site - it does look like I had “friend requests” set to “no one” so I’ve opened that up to “anyone”. Give it a try now and let me know if that worked?

Still no dice. What does “Friends - No One” mean?

It says something about who can see my friends (anyone or “friends of friends”).

I did get a friend invite from @Brad_Grenz, so that seems to be working?

So a warning for those that get the disc version of the PS5 - the discs go in upside down from how you might imagine. Learned that the hard way, LOL, so instead of Demon’s Souls being ready I now get to start waiting for it to copy to the SSD and update.

Whoa that is really good to know thanks!

Yeah, gave me a bit of a fright when it said the disc was “unreadable” so on a whim I tried flipping it so the silver side was up (if it were resting on it’s side) and sliding it in and that did the trick. Super odd.