PlayStation 5

Same. Astro = controller demo. Miles in Performance RT mode = SSD & Graphics Card demo.

Demon’s Souls and… uh, that’s all I’ve played. I like to leaving it running suspended so I can jump back in (literally in seconds, even including the time to power on the TV) so I am not likely to try anything else until I wrap that up. I’ll likely dabble in Astro a bit after that, but the next game I really get into is likely Spider-man/Miles Morales which I also got for Christmas. I’ll report back later on that one.

Demon’s Souls is freaking amazing. Not just looking, there is a lot about the design space here I think is better than modern/current Souls games.

You should try launching another game and then relaunching Demon’s Souls. The loading times are so fast now, you won’t even notice much of a delay at all when you switch between two games. I swap between games regularly, and it blows me away how fast they start from being closed. I suspect this impression may be somewhat influenced by the auto-skipping of studio logos and stuff after the first run, so make sure you try it after launching the game for the first time.

Every time I hear about fast load times and auto-skipping intros, it warms my black heart. Every time!

I woke up this morning to play some Demon’s Souls and the system must have restarted over night, as it launched from scratch - but it did indeed skip anything like splash screens and went right to the opening cut scene, which can be skipped by holding X and in seconds I was back in my game. Something about the speed of “time to get into game” on this feels faster even than my PC, which has had various flavors of SSD for 6 years now.

In other news, the battery life on the PS5 controller seems very good. I remember around day 2 charging it up last week and I sort of never think of plugging it in after that. I have 22.something hours in Demon’s Souls and only just got a “low battery” alert, so I am plugging it in to let it charge a bit. It’s USB-C so I imagine it won’t take long to charge, but even so at least 14ish hours of use seems to me off one charge, and over the course of what must be at least five days since I had last plugged it in.

USB-C doesn’t automatically enable the highest wattage charging. That requires USB-PD (power delivery), which is a separate part of the USB spec. Would you like to know more? That said, I’m sure it charges plenty fast.

Yeah, I came back to it about an hour later and it was fully charged. No idea how long it takes, but less than an hour!

I guess what I was saying is since it uses USB-C the potential for fast charging exists, vs. if it just used USB-A.


I just wrapped up Demon’s Souls. When this was first announced/shown I was beside myself with excitement but also dread as I almost never beat games like this without the help of folks like @ShivaX to jump in with the assist, but honestly I only a few times felt this game was too hard for me (and there was always a way out, or a reason it was too hard like when the world tendency had been pure black due my constant deaths in Human form, oops) but I defeated most levels/bosses on my first try and just overall fell in love with the level design, spectacle, and RPG (equipment, math) stuff. One of my favorite games of 2020 (retroactively).

It looks like I’ll need an additional hard drive as the space I have on the existing one ran out extremely fast. I haven’t kept up on the external HDD stuff, so I’m wondering what you all are doing in that realm (and can you play a game off an add-on HD)?

You can play all the PS4 games off the Harddrive and that works fine so far. I had some issues with a few I guess I have to uninstall and reinstall there but most of them I could just move once I attached the drive.

For PS5 games, just waiting for Sony to release info on that slot they don’t have working yet.

Are you saying you pulled your PS4 hard drive out of your old console and hooked it up via USB adapter cable?

I mean you could do that, but a lot of people were already using external HDs on the PS4. Just grab a fast external USB drive and use that for all PS4 stuff, there’s even an option to default to the external for PS4 games.


I got a new harddrive and attached that to the PS5. I moved my PS4 games to it after the fact.

I read that others who had an external on the PS4 could use that too, but I did not have one.

The important thing to know is there is not a way to play PS5 games off an external drive yet, and the slot on the bottom for the additional drive is not active yet nor do we know which drives are officially supported.

What drive did you all get?

WD_BLACK P10 5TB (did not pay retail for it). It was not retail around Black Friday and Holiday, and it’s probably overkill but I do want to download my music onto it.

I have the same harddrive as @Nesrie but the 4TB version. I also got it around black friday so paid quite a bit less than retail. It’s small and really quiet, would definitely recommend it if you can find it on sale again. I use it to store emulation files but might end up using it for my Xbox once I run into storage issues on that.

I’m using an external RAID0 array with 2 3TB drives I pulled from my NAS during an upgrade.

I have an old 512GB USB 3.0 SSD hooked up to my PS5.

I’m using this drive…

Also, be sure to scour your PS5 hard drive for saved video of receiving trohpies. That can take up a significant amount of space.

That’s… surprisingly small