PlayStation 5

Oh it’ll still take a bunch of tries. I got my XSX on the 4th or 5th attempt. That’s nothing, I was near 50 tries for my CPU and over 30 for my GPU.

Notifications on, “quiet time” turned off, phone next to your bed. Be prepared to jump out of REM sleep at 4AM. That’s how we hardcore do, y0.

I haven’t subscribed to anything that gives notification, I just refresh the PS Direct page a few times per day. I have a really amazing superpower where I can time my refreshes to perfectly miss the queue by 2 minutes.

That seems like a winning strategy.

Honestly, it leaves me far less frustrated than when I was more actively pursuing one.

Pour one out.

I was about to say I don’t know any of these games but wait, is that Astro? From the super adorable way better than I expected shipped with PS5 game? aaaw

I also didn’t realize he had other games.

The Astro PSVR game is supposed to be amazing, but I didn’t have PSVR so I could never play it.

It sounds like the Astro team will stay on and keep making games.

I told some parents of young kids that when the PS5 gets available and well cheaper, the little Astro game it comes with will entertain their young ones for a bit, and by the time they;re done with that, there will be some other ones the kids can play.

PS5’s shipped game is just incredibly cute, fun and do able for a game I thought was just designed to show off the controller.


So far the State of Play has shown a remastered Crash Bandicoot and are showing Returnal right now, which seems like a neat action rogue like.

State of Play is live. Returnal looks good - no surprise given it’s Housemarque.

This new Oddworld looks fun.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade is coming to PS5 (and likely PC) on June 10th. Free upgrade to the base version on PS4 with a DLC episode available for purchase once you upgrade.

So FF7 was the headline reveal. Was hoping for a bit more than that.

Deathloop just looks better and better to quote @Mike_Cathcart as we watched this today. That game screams next gen.

Oddworld is going to be free on launch day for PS+? Sweet!

Sifu looks sick as well.

I really liked what I saw in SIFU. If they can keep that sort of gameplay fresh during an entire playthrough, it will be the modern beat 'em up I’ve been craving.

Very nice to get Oddworld as a PS Plus game. Will play it.

I guess it’s basically single-player Absolver. I was excited about that one but simply lost interest too fast while playing it. Single-player might be the edge they need.

The premise sounds like modern day River City Ransom.

But it might be some sort of roguelite structure, so we’ll have to see how that goes.