PlayStation 5

It’s a Death loop. Not a friendship loop or a dialog loop.

Well, Deathloop in Sept, FC6 in Oct. Now I got 2 months to track down a PS5. My kid is reminding me every few days I need to have it by Sept.

A new Moss game is exciting. Glad it JETT is still coming this year. I hadn’t seen much of F.I.S.T. before and that was pretty impressive. Deathloop continues to look cool, though I have both Prey and Dishonored 2 unplayed on my PS5 hard drive so I should tackle those before buying another Arkane game. Even the Demon Slayer game looks pretty cool. Unique in that it’s not an arena fighter like most shonen anime games.

Do PC gamers get anything from the Death Stranding director cut, do we know?

I hadn’t heard of this game and now I’m definitely intrigued. Looks pretty chill, like No Man’s Sky.

That looks very interesting. I like the different mindset of not being combat or resource gathering focused.

Sony charging £9 for Ghost of Tsushima’s PS5-exclusive features

From the eurogamer article

But what if you already own Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut on PS4, and you want to upgrade to Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut on PS5, perhaps down the line when you manage to buy one of the hard-to-get consoles? That’ll cost you £9.

Here, Sony is putting a price on what it considers to be the value of the PS5-exclusive features it’s adding to Ghost of Tsushima. What do you get for your £9? Here’s the official list, as it’s set out on the PlayStation Store:

Dynamic 4K resolution targeting 60fps
DualSense haptic feedback and adaptive trigger resistance
3D audio with stereo headphones (analogue or USB)
Lip sync for Japanese voiceover
Ability to transfer PS4 saved progress to PS5 game

There’s been a vociferous debate about the rights and wrongs of this move by Sony. It’s already a sorry situation where Sony locks next-gen features behind a Director’s Cut paywall, but £9 for improved 3D audio, DualSense support, and Japanese lip sync feels grubby.

DualSence is worth a few bucks. Forcing us to pay for Japanese voiceovers we won’t use? That’s not right.

How are they forcing you to pay?

Well if we want the upgrade for dualsence we’re also paying for the voiceovers, which I’m going to guess was 80% of the cost they’re recouping.

These aren’t new voiceovers, it’s lypsyncing for the Japanese voiceover which is already in the PS4 game.

Dang, my cognition seems to have lapsed into the ether when I read that.

Haven’t seen it mentioned anywhere, be interesting as I expect more PC ports of PS exclusive games.

Make sure you are getting the PS5 version (article has list of free and paid upgrades) if you originally had the PS4 version:

I’m so annoyed about the fact that I can’t upgrade my FF7 because I have the disc PS4 version and a digital PS5. I had stopped halfway through the game to wait until I could get a PS5 and now I can’t even play the upgraded version without re-buying it at full price.

And I’m pissed off I can’t upgrade my PS+ version of FF7. They should at least give you the option to pay something less than the full price to upgrade.

Good point. That could also potentially solve @delirium’s issue as well. Not for free, but for less than full price at least.

You never bought it, though. I can see @delirium’s conundrum. I cannot see yours, and I only have FFVII Remake because of PS Plus too. If I really want those PS5 features, paying for it is fine.

Wait another two years and you’ll get the PS5 version with PS Plus.

I mean, it was pretty clear disc games would not work in any way on the digital only PS5. There’s no way to verify ownership outside of doing something insane like requiring you to have a PS4 with the disc inserted on the same network as your PS5. And even then people would probably try and use VPNs to spoof the process and share the game with a bunch of people.

6 month Apple TV for PS5 owners