PlayStation 5

The problem with remakes of classics that you loved is that you take the chance of tarnishing that memory. I’m reserving my excitement on KOTOR until I can see something more about it.

anyone still using the dualsense rumble? It drains the battery like nothing. After a while it just doesn’t wow anymore…

Yes, it’s great.

I mean, I agree that the controller battery life is very low compared to Xbox controllers, but it’s irrelevant in practice, so I haven’t bothered disabling features to optimize for it. At any given time, I just have one controller that I’m using and the other charging, and swap them whenever the battery runs out.

You have two controllers? Is that for same room multiplayer? I never did get a 2nd controller for my PS4, since I never had a need for same TV multiplayer, even on Thanksgiving when I had more players. We just took turns in games like Resogun.

Definitely. And I bought a charging dock too, since that makes keeping them charged painless. I play couch co-op with my kids all the time: Unravel 2, It Takes Two, Rocket League, Minecraft, Overcooked, etc.

Can’t you just plug the controller into a wall or other power source (laptop, battery pack, etc) and keep playing in case you forget? I’ve never had one die on me, though my sessions aren’t too long these days.

Preordered Deathloop after watching that. Finally put me over the edge.

Two controllers here too. You should immediately buy a second controller and War of the Monsters. #PS2StilltheBestPS

Gran Turismo looked disappointing. Good thing for them there’s no Forza Motorsport release this year, just Horizon.

I always knew it was dumb that PS5 games require a PS5 controller, but seeing that PS+ includes only the PS5 version of Overcooked just makes me super annoyed. I can’t believe that Sony expects me to pay an extra $70 for each controller to play games like fucking Overcooked when I have perfectly good PS4 controllers sitting right there.

The haptics aren’t that good

So buy the old Overcooked yourself? Play the new one online? It’s pretty cynical to imagine a free game is an evil plot to make you buy another controller.

I agree that there’s no reason PS5 games can’t support a DS4 controller. The system already supports it.

I don’t want to buy Overcooked. I have a PS+ subscription and I would like to use it without being forced to buy multiple $70 controllers I otherwise don’t need. It’s incredibly annoying and wasteful. I already bought multiple PS4 controllers since their battery life is crap and it would be nice to be able to use them.

“evil plot” are your words. If you want to actually use my words, how about this: “Callous capitalistic decision explicitly designed to make people buy things they otherwise wouldn’t when it brings them literally no benefit”

Meanwhile, Xbox is off updating their previous-generation controllers to get a few of the cool features introduced in their next gen controllers.

I’m not actually going to buy PS5 controllers because of this, I don’t want to play Overcooked on PS5 that badly. It just fucking sucks how stupid and hostile some of Sony’s decisions are.

Jesus, man.

Yeah, my biggest disappointments in the PS5 hardware are the size (it’s insane, I had to put it behind an end table because it was too tall to fit under it) and the lack of compatibility with PS4 peripherals. Between multiple consoles, customized controllers I got with my son, etc. we had a half-dozen Xbox One controllers. I’d have been mighty annoyed if MS hadn’t made the great decision to make the Series X|S compatible with X1 stuff. Luckily I only had two PS4 controllers, and also, I hated the PS4 controller, so it wasn’t too annoying to include the spare when I sold my PS4.

I think Sony showing Spider-Man 2 and Wolverine when the former isn’t coming until 2023 and the latter maybe even later is a clear sign that exclusives remain important. (As if $7.5B for Bethesda wasn’t already an indicator…) Remember mid-cycle on the previous generation when the E3 demos were all “and it’s coming this year!”?

Sorry to ask a dumb question, but what’s the best way to track PS5 restocks that people have found? I had one but just lost it in a flood and find myself back in the market. Appreciate it.

Matt Swider and Lord of Restocks on Twitter post as soon as something goes live. Set up notifications, make sure you’re logged in and have payment info saved on all the sites, and then just keep trying until one goes through.

Sign up for the PlayStation Direct emails too. Those do a lottery system so can be easier to get through.

The Sony PlayStation Direct option is probably the easiest with the least friction tbh. All the others will feel like you have to be on pins and needles all the time.

Appreciate it, thank you.

If you stream to your PS4, you can use the PS4 controllers. I did this with Demon’s Souls all weekend while gf was using the PS5 TV.

And I think you can play any PS4 game directly on the PS5 with the PS4 controllers.

Well that’s certainly not a confusing solution - thanks Sony! Maybe by the time I can actually get a PS5, they’ll have released some sort of way to use it on the PS5 games too.