PlayStation 5

Heh. I use this method to play Xbox One and Xbox Series X games with my 360 controller, which isn’t officially supported. But if I stream it to my PC, I get to use my wired 360 controller.

Yeah, that’s the way :) You can also stream the PS5 to your PC or even mobile device and use paired PS4 controllers. (On PC though, you have to plug the controller in.)

This past weekend, my PS5 started turning on without any input from anything. I thought I had a ghost, but a quick google pointed to the original media remote batteries getting low (Sony-branded ones). How that would trigger an ‘on’ command to the device, I don’t know, but I swapped those out as suggested in this reddit topic and hope that takes care of it. Posting in case anyone else comes across the issue.

Aha! I had that happen to me a bunch, too. I thought it was vibrations triggering the remote somehow. I knew it wasn’t a controller because I’d always have to power one up after the PS5 turned on. I’ll try changing the batteries. Thanks!

The USB ports on this thing are screwy. My controller lost its pairing with the PS5. Would not re-pair until I connected the controller to the front port. When connected to the back, no input on PS5, swap it to front, boom, it’s doing input over the cable and paired. Had the same issue with initial setup.

Used headphones with a 2.4GHz low-latency USB transmitter, rated for PS5. Plugged into the front port, constant disconnects and occasional loud static bursts. Plugged into the rear port, solid audio with no interruptions.

PS5 update with SSD support is tomorrow!

There has been USB weirdness since launch. I had to plug my external hard drive to the USB-C port on the front to avoid constant crashing. That said, the USB-A port on the front is USB 2.0 only and explicitly for controller charging/updating so it’s not suitable for other uses that might need more power or a faster USB 3.1 interface.

Installed a SSD, only 500Gb as I didn’t want to go too crazy on the upgrade. Was pretty straightforward. I kind of wish it just made the available storage larger but it’s treated as its own drive within the PS5 OS so you have to move stuff to it (copies are certainly quick at least).

Is basically the full space of the extra drive available, in contrast to how 30-40% of the primary drive can’t be used for game storage?

Yes. The 2TB drive I added actually shows more than 2TBs available.

I’m envious of you guys that have this thing, but maybe in two years when (one can hope) they’re readily available I can get one and pick up whatever exclusives get released for cheaper.

I have to admit, this surprised me.

However, I’m going to cut to the chase here and say that despite the SN750 SE failing to match key criteria, I could find very little wrong with it once installed into my PlayStation 5 - on the titles of today, at least. Of course, the first order of business was to transfer Insomniac’s storage-heavy Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart to the drive and to play it, where I found that the in-game experience was essentially identical to playing the game on both the internal SSD and the much faster SN850. The game has split-second performance dips when moving between the game’s signature dimensional portals, and these stutters seem to vary ever-so-slightly in severity from one run to the next, but the bottom line is that across a number of portals, the SN750 SE, SN850 or the internal drive could a touch faster or a touch slower. We’re literally talking about single dropped frames here, for the most part, and the experience of playing the game on all three drives proved interchangeable in the areas we tested.

Note, however, that this drive doesn’t seem that great a deal to me, considering it’s only 250GB and it’s $55 for that limited amount of space. But he chose it because it’s the slowest PCI 4.0 drive you can buy. And it’s still fine for today’s games, including Ratchet.

US Amazon:

Finally got my PS5. So nice. Quick to load, smooth UI, games load fast. Dont know if it was worth paying $300 over for a scalped one but 15 days till FC6 so it had to happen. Love the controller. Wish there was a Game Pass service!

Got my kid the 980 Pro 2TB with a cooler…we’ll see how that goes.


Did you have a PS4? If not, you’ve got the whole PS Plus Collection to play.

Yep, had every PS since PS1. Played some more Deathloop as the assassin going into my kids world to kill the baddies so she could keep leveling up her slabs.

Cheating to me but she doesn’t care…I will not use that particular strategy.

Anyone had issues with the PS5 youtube app? It is driving me crazy. Suddenly when watching videos, the play menu pops up. I cancel with the circle button, after 10-20 seconds I get it again. And then it gets worse, like every few seconds. Sometimes yotube is telleing me something about my microphone… like some interference is happening.

I don’t see this in any other app or games. I turned off my wireless headphones, or my pc notebook, or my mobile phone. I restarted the console but the bug in YT is still there.

Today I was watching a couple of hours with interrupt with no problems, then it starte. I have to write down the times, now is 11 PM here…

I don’t know how to fix it or what to do, other than to switch to YT on my XBox. No issues there …

So…this month Best Buy started selling something called “Totaltech Membership”.

For $200 per year (payable, lump sum only), you got some… stuff. Free delivery/installation.Some limited extra protection (but NOT extended warranties). Extended return windows.

Huh? For $200 you get to talk to a Geek Squad member? LOL. C’mon.

Oh, wait.

Gosh. A person might conclude that Best Buy was essentially selling the tech equivalent of PSL*s to buy scarce consoles and computer upgrade components. Which, it turns out, they are. Just dropped:

So to recap: buy a $200 membership for stuff you probably don’t need or want, in order to be able to buy a PS5. Who needs scalpers?

(*A PSL is a “Personal Seat License”, an odious thing that pro sports teams do. Want to buy season tickets to see your favorite team? Hey, tickets in an OK seating area will set you back a few thousand bucks, which, OK. But OH! In order to be able to buy season tickets, first you have to buy a Personal Seat License for $2,500 on top of the price of the actual season tickets. Lucky you, sports fan.)

Gamestop’s been doing this too - with the major difference being a year of Pro will only set you back 15 bucks (and theoretically has some value for gamers). Disgusting.

I have a feeling we’ve seen the last in-store card drops for the RTX 3000-series as well.

Yeah, I’d noticed that both Gamestop and even Gamefly were doing these “members only” sales, but as you point out, memberships in both are pretty trivially priced compared to Best Buy who just went full scalper here.