PlayStation 5

The only thing people hate more than scalpers are businesses responding to the market that generates scalpers. They hate it even when it works and the surplus goes to charity.

Scalping continues…

Does anybody have an issue with the PS5 dimming over time? I was playing Diablo 2 Resurrected and noticed suddenly how dark everything was. To fix it I went back to the home screen and then back to the game and it is suddenly much brighter. I haven’t noticed it happening as much in other game, but I have seen the brightness fade at times and then randomly fix itself. My TV is LG CX. I wonder if this is that built in tv protection against burn-in that I’ve been hearing about.

Same setup and same issue, it’s the TV. You can fix it by changing the scene significantly - usually hitting the PS button and bringing up the menu will do it.

Ah thanks. It’s annoying but I’m glad that I now know what it is. For some reason D2 seems more succeptible than most games.

My LG TV does that too. I went through the settings to try to disable whatever was causing the screen to dim but I had no luck.

If it’s similar to my older C9, did you try going to Settings/Picture/Additional Settings/OLED Panel Settings/Logo Luminance Adjustment and disabling that? This is the setting that dims static elements over time.

Doesn’t sound familiar. I’ll have to give it a try. Thanks!

My LG B7 does this and there’s no fix for it with this particular model. I’ve tried everything, including accessing the hidden service menu. It’s frustrating. I’ll be upgrading to a C1 soon, so I hope @Profanicus is correct that you can disable this feature in newer models.

Looks like the interference on the YT app is gone at the moment. Maybe it is some blutooth thing… I hope it never comes back.

Of interest:

PS5 SSD Upgrade Temperature Testing: Do You Even Need a Heatsink? | Tom’s Hardware (

I resigned up with the pointless gamestop rewards program just to get a chance to buy a PS5 bundle. I read an article today where they are hopeful that maybe this time next year the shortage will start to end. LOL

Part of the problem is they waited way too long to introduce this generation of consoles. The pent up demand for them was already enormous and then the pandemic made it all like 100x worse. People were ready to upgrade three years before the PS5 and Xbox Series were released.

The general clusterfuck that Supply Chain is right now isn’t helping matters I’m sure.

And add on top of that how even more impossible it is to find a new video card. I don’t know if that market will ever go back to normal. :(

I had $15 of rewards left over from my PC purchase a few months ago so I was looking for something to spend it on and noticed this…

At $40 off, that’s about as cheap as I’ve seen the 1TB and it will fit in your PS5 although you would want to order a heat sink for it. I have one on the way since I’ve been juggling a little already a year after release. Call of Duty doesn’t respect your drive space.

Apparently they just announced a PS5 specific version of the same thing that’s about $60 more expensive.

I went with a 500GB WD_Black SN850Ne with heatsink included as I didn’t want to go too crazy. Was pretty easy to install, and I still have my USB drive for PS4 stuff too. So hopefullly I’m alright for a while and I tend not to get CoD which as you not is a notorious space eater.

I’ll keep using my USB external for PS4 games. I see no reason to stop doing that infinitely as the performance is still insanely better than even the PS4 Pro was. But yeah, I’m a CoD player, and I do enjoy Cold War multiplayer so it’ll probably not get deleted anytime soon and that along with me often saving video of my exploits and some other games installed (Wreckfest, Hell Let Loose, Demon’s Souls, Ratchet…) all add up to me needing more space ASAP.

CoD: Vanguard wouldn’t fit without emptying either Cold War or the rest of the games off the drive is my expectation.

I just went with this heatsink.

For disc buyers, GameFly has Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart for $35 and Returnal for $30 with free shipping.

For all the “concern” online about how difficult it would be for people to find compatible drives, the manufacturers have reacted to this new market incredibly fast. It took only a couple months from the beta firmware to the launch of PS5 optimised versions of these drives.

That’s the same one I grabbed to replace the oversized heatsink on my XPG S70. Worked fine.

Yeah, that was all concern trolling. Total bullshit. Would it be nice to pay about half as much for a TB of space? Absolutely. And if the world ever gets back to “normal” it might happen.