PlayStation 5

Before getting all excited about SSD…how big is is it going to be? I am so tired of consoles being install heavy, but carrying drives sized like we are somehow in a world of disc driven games and minor DLC.

Whatever they are doing for a gen 2 of PSVR, I am very excited. Once I finally tried VR due to the low entry cost of PSVR, I was sold. Flat games are not nearly as interesting anymore.

I think $599 is a possibility but unlikely. $499 is the current maximum upper limit and I don’t think they want to go past that, especially given the past. SSD manufacturing costs are down and volume should help so a 2TB drive in 2020 is very possible.

It’s not like PS4/Xbox One are gonna fold right up, either. You’ll have the $150-$300 options with the older hardware. I also think Sony learned from PS3 and PS4 that you ship ONE SKU at release and don’t touch it until much later.

Dude, they demonstrated it. Sure, it’s not finished hardware, but we know SSDs are superfast with proper drivers.

The reason they don’t really make as much difference in a PS4 today is because Sony is not at all optimized for them.

I’d pay $500. That’s cheaper than a high-end video card for my PC; certainly cheaper than trying to build a PC from scratch. That’s what I use for comparison.

I want to know about controllers. Will my PS4 controllers be compatible? I really hope they have a better UI. And I know it’s too much to hope for, but a whitelist/blacklist for parental controls would be nice, e.g. I’d like to allow my 8 year old to play Minecraft without disabling rating-based age restrictions all together.

Switching to SSD will be a really big improvement to this generation of consoles. It sounds like Sony is making a big leap from even the PS4 Pro, so I wouldn’t be surprised at all at a $499 price.

RTX in every PS4 will really give a boost to that tech as well.

Oh we have a new discussion, okay then.

If this is true, I might actually buy a console within a year or two of it’s release. First time in a long time.

Day one for me, with the BC of PS4 games. Hope they redesign the touchpad a bit on the controller as it seems such a waste of space. Most games just use it as an extra button anyways. Would be great to a dedicated buttons instead, for more complicated control schemes.

Google News headlines are hyping up the 8K stuff. So dumb. Give me the framerates first.

Where’s @stusser to back me up here?

The frame rates are a function of the games running on the hardware, and will always fluctuate between “great” and “the lowest users will tolerate” depending on what else a given game decides to throw the system’s power into.

Don’t see how they can produce an SoC that has a 8 core Ryzen cpu plus a GPU that has real ray tracing on it that doesn’t go super high PS3 prices. RTX chips alone are big and expensive enough.

Fuckin’ A, man. Fuckin’ A.

Backward Compatible with PS4? Possible purchase for me, now.

Though, if MS’ next system keeps BC with Xbox 360 & Xbox One, that will be my system of choice next generation.

Oh there’s no way in hell they drop BC.

You could argue if Sony doesn’t try to push 8K from a system perspective then developers will concentrate on image quality and framerate instead.

It’s a minor annoyance. I don’t need to derail the thread over it.

I don’t think 8K will be a push, not with the initial release. Maybe with a PS5 Pro down the road, but not with the first release of the next gen machine. They’re going to be focused on the way all this power makes for better games.

It seems like an attempt to “future proof” to me, which hopefully means early on they won’t focus on it but later in the products life-cycle they will.

Don’t you think though that the 499.00 price point is what cooled PS3 sales in the beginning? I thought that price point was a bit steep for consoles…

It was, but it was also 13 years ago.

Trump’s record breaking economy means everyone has an extra $100 to spend on a console now.