PlayStation 5

Surprised no further news on FF7 Remake Part 2. Disappointed nothing new with God of War or The Wolverine title.

Callisto looks interesting even if it looks just like a Dead Space spiritual successor.

18+ months into the great console shortage and Amazon is finally going to do something about it /s

Sony will likely have first party stuff at Summer Games Fest showcase next week.

I hope this works!

Does anyone know if it’s a separate “invitation” for disc vs digital PS5, or do you choose later?

EDIT: Nevermind, not sure how Amazon will handle it.

You choose

It oloks like they are doing a Last of Us “Remake” for PS5 so I can pause/uninstall the “Remaster” which is good because HD space is filling up already and the new plus thingies is just around the corner. I’ll be needing more space for sure. Anyone got experience with adding a second SSD? Any suggestions for one?

Yesssss! purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

I’ve got a 2TB XPG S70. They tend to be pretty cheap and install is easy. You can also just use an external USB 3.0 hard drive for PS4 games, which is what I do.

At this point, I’m not sure if I don’t own a PS5 due to scarcity or personal choice (I guess both) but after watching this video, I kinda want to hold out for the inevitable Slim version. Sony should hire this dude pronto!

(that power supply tho!)

P.S. I’m always impressed with how this genre of youtube vid displays two levels of craftsmanship; the project itself and the filming/editing/narrating of each step along the way. Incredible! As my old, Russian directing professor Boris Frumin used to say, “Process is cinematic.”

I really don’t know why they went with such a gigantic design. Especially when Japan isn’t known for having a lot of room. Maybe gigantic things are a status symbol. ;)

For those that haven’t watched the video, he used water cooling and everything that isn’t the PS5 mainboard like the power supply, pump, and radiator are all in a wide, large box underneath the desk.

Very cool design though, he custom cut multiple sheets of copper (think $$$) and welded them together around everything.

He fried the first PS5 mainboard when he accidentally kicked over the radiator enclosure and it stopped working, had to replace it with a new one.

The Playstation unit has often been about form over function, making a statement. The OG PS3 was a classic example of a bulbous design that couldn’t stack in your entertainment center, because Sony saw it as the center of your living room. Everything else revolved around the PS3 like the moon around the earth.

The PS4 design was understated and attractive, and then I guess that guy got sacked and they hired a circus clown to design the PS5. It does look much nicer with darkplates.

Yeah, I’m going to try to last this generation with no PS5, just because I skipped Nintendo last generation, so I want to skip Sony this generation if I can. But seeing that monstrosity makes it so much easier to stick with that decision every time. On the other hand, if they did come out with a small, attractive slim version, it might not be as easy to hold out.

I’ll probably buy into the PS5 sometime after the VR setup comes out. I liked my PSVR/4Pro setup well enough before I gifted it to my brother, and I’m definitely interested in what the next generation brings. But until then, there’s literally no draw, since I have an XSX/GP.

While I’m totally on board with the criticisms of that wacky PS5 design, I have to say that I never look at my PS5 and it sits on an open glass shelf below my TV. Part of the reason I pay no attention to it is that I almost always have a fairly dim/dark room when I’m playing on the console or watching the TV. Doesn’t even matter that it’s white, really. And that stand has plenty of room on it since I rid myself of my amp and 5.1 speakers when I bought my new TV and soundbar; i.e. it’s very open and viewable, not crowded at all.

All that to say, depending on your setup, it may not matter one bit what the thing looks like.

Doesn’t matter to me either, just making conversation. If I got one I’d pick up darkplates though.

They specifically designed the PS3 to prevent stacking because stacking something on top of it would cause overheating and failure.

God forbid they just build it with a bit more room inside and put a fan or two in it instead so you could stack something on top of it.

Right, that was function following form. Very easy to engineer a case that can be stacked.