PlayStation 5

BTW, as far as the PS5 availability goes*, Costco has basically given up on trying to keep it in stock. Lately when I check the only thing that comes up is a couple of peripherals that work with the PS5 and occasionally a game.

So I guess I’ll wait a year or two and get the PS 5 Pro or Extra or whatever they’ll call it then.

*the RebelFM Podcast had an amusing/sad discussion in which they described a whole protocol that’s developed at retail where the employees have first dibs, then family/friends, then friends of friends etc. and it’s like buying illegal drugs how discreet you have to be when you get one. You have to pre-arrange it and then walk in and they’ll show it to you in the box within the cardboard shipping box, you buy it and can’t take it out of the plain shipping box till you’re in your car at least.

Dunno why you’d want to buy from Costco except as a last resort. If you try to buy online, they only ever seem to offer bundled PS5s. And if you’re trying to buy by going to an individual store…well, good luck with that.

PS5 is best as a vertical device. I just think of it as what it is…a PC running the PlayStation OS next to my TV.

Anything Costco sells is best purchased at Costco, because they have an amazing support and returns policy. My dad bought a pair of shoes there 20 years ago and exchanges them for new ones every couple of years. He got the original receipt laminated.

Just like that, things started to make sense.

I don’t think I like your tone!

Sure. But if you are unable to purchase something at Costco – which apparently you cannot in Papageno’s case – then this would be the equivalent of multiplying by zero.

Well, back when they were still officially selling it and the Series X in the spring of last year, I managed to snag the latter from there. I only go back and check once in a while, since I’m a member anyway, why not. If I came back and found the PS5 listed there I’d take it as a sign that it was more generally available.

I would suspect any model refresh would be as hard if not harder to find.

A while ago I put in for that lottery Sony has for PS5s. Got a notice yesterday that today until 7PM (Eastern) I can buy one. Sadly, I don’t have the scratch at the moment, having had a ton of unexpected bills to pay. Probably would not have actually used it anyhow, given how our living room is set up.

Can I buy one yet?

It’s already gigantic… twss

You should have bought it and then sold it to pay those bills.

New house is getting painted so I have mine horizontal on my entertainment center so I can move it all and cover it easy. After that it’s going vertical because it is hideous and will be less visible. I’m considering a black shell but I want a second SSD as well and frankly one is way more exciting. I do have a giant permanent marker I could put to use I suppose.

Heh, but I needed the space on the credit card for vet bills first!

I think it looks pretty cool in the vertical orientation. I quite like having it glowing and peeking out from behind the TV.

The second SSD is worth it. I put one in awhile back. Been really happy with that, both increasing available space and having performance being identical.

It downloads games so fast that I haven’t really felt the need for more space myself. I have like 5-6 AAA games installed. I hate the design myself. The Xbox blends in wayyyyyy better.

Add me to the “it’s horizontal on my entertainment center” group. There’s like a random ottoman in front of it so I can’t even see it.

2nd SSD is a must for me. I got gaming ADD and need a nice selection ready to go. Plus my daughter likes different games so more space required. I already added a external 3 gb but more PS5 games or PS5 versions of games than I expected getting installed. Lastly, wifi is a little slow up on the 5th floor (split level house)so downloads not quite as fast as I like presently even at “gig” speeds. I’m honestly considering a 2 gb one because more future proof.

What’s the link to get in on that lottery? Is it easily findable via search?