PlayStation 5

Pretty sure it’s this one:

This has been in stock for the last 20 minutes.

It’s a bundle with Horizon New West, $549. Free express shipping.

Here’s a question: let’s say that I don’t need to worry about saved games or anything. Any reason to keep a PS4 if I have a PS5? Thinking about giving my old PS4 to a friend.

Not really, unless you got the digital only PS5 and want the PS4 for Blu-rays. Maybe for remote playing PS5 games on a second TV?

I gifted my PS4 Pro to my nieces/nephews. Since you can have both a primary PS4 and PS5 they have access to my entire digital library, too.

It’s a small one, but if you have multiple TVs in your house, you can remote play your PS5 to your PS4 in another room, I think.

There’s a small percentage of PS4 games that won’t play on a PS5, most of them are PSVR titles. Not really much more than a handful, but scrolling through my games list on the PS5 had a number of “not installable” titles. If you can live with that, go for it.

Cool. It looks like there’s only a handful of games that aren’t cross-compatible, and I don’t own any of them and none of 'em rang my bell either when I read the titles. One less thing to have to move. :)

I’ve not had a reason to plug my PS4 Pro in in the 16 months since I got my PS5.

The Sony official queue has been going up almost daily now, about this time every afternoon. And they’ve apparently been filling a decent number of people in line.

In the q

10 mins

Good luck! I hope you score one.



Not super pumped about having to buy a bundle, but I guess Horizon Forbidden west isn’t a bad game so w/e


I was able to log in right now on my Sony account and buy that bundle without needing to wait. (I didn’t, but I was at the last step on payment; just wanted to see.)

Did you get disc or discless? They’re the same size, right, pretty much–is the storage space the same?

(Hmm, maybe my question is answered by the price shown. Still, that seems steep for the disc PS5 + one game. Maybe there’s an extra controller thrown in?)

Derp. I guess no free shipping.

I was successful in ordering! (Allegedly)

Free express shipping.

It’s a $499 console bundled with a $60 game (Horizon New West), so $549 base price, plus tax, which is ~ $30-35

Ah, I always forget about sales tax, which noxious BS we don’t have here in Oregon, thank God/the stars/FSM, despite regular efforts by the powers that be to foist it on us (although the last time they tried was almost thirty years ago–it always goes down by a 2 to 1 or 3 to 1 margin).

Still showing as being in-stock with Sony. If you’re going to get HNW anyway (and it’s a good game!) might as well, y’know? There are a lot worse bundles out there.

Got the disc version

I also snagged the disc version.

Not thrilled with the included game but at least, after all this time, finally able to get my hands on the mythical next gen system lol