PlayStation 5

I am willing to buy the bundle. Are there live options still out there? I am looking for the disc version. If there is a bundle with the pulse headset or an extra controller, I would go for those.

I am guessing the registration for PS direct doesn’t cycle. I didn’t get an invite today. I am on the Amazon one, but nothing there yet.

I didn’t get an invite either and I was registered. I wouldnt have even known about it if not for this thread so thanks Trigger

Yeah, on Thursday the 23rd, Monday the 28th and Tuesday the 29th so far, they’ve had the bundle with HNW up for sale, with free express shipping.

I’ll try to keep an eye out over the next few days because it seems likely to be available again through Sony. Usually it seems like the sale link goes up between 2:30 pm EDT and 4pm EDT, and consoles remain available for at least a good while.

You’ll need to be logged into a working PlayStation Store account, I think.

And yeah, I’m not on any waiting list. I already own a PS5. But I wanted to see if they really were in stock and got all the way up to the very last step of ordering and they were clearly going to let me buy one today. No line, just clicked and put it in my cart.

I was shocked. It was almost too easy. I was waitng for the big DENIED

The other thing I take away from this is that PS5s are starting to fill the pipeline now.

I was this close to buying one from the Walmart site (not really). Some 3rd party vendor tacked on an extra $100 for shipping over retail, so while it was the cheapest outside of official retail, scammers gonna scam.

My PS5 is bricked again, won’t turn on. I don’t use it very often, but I went to turn on yesterday to watch a movie and it does nothing. I called Sony and they want $250 to fix it out of warranty.

Do I have any recourse here? Or do I just throw this thing in the garbage? I think the PS5s have a problem like the Xbox 360s did. Is there a way to repair these myself that anyone knows of?

I had a similar situation with OG Fat PS3. Sony wanted $250. I think I found an online place that only charged $100 to fix it. It worked for another year after that but then died again. So I’m not sure if I’d necessarily recommend that route.

I’m doing a warranty claim through my Bank of America card. If they just refund me I might keep the cash, this console doesn’t really do much for me tbh. I watch Blu Rays on it. There hasn’t been a single game released I want to play that isn’t on Xbox other than Spider-Man, which I played already.

Also, apparently they’ll just die on you! Google PS5 won’t turn on, there’s a lot of stories out there.

Does it at least give you a yellow light of death or triple beep of death?

No it doesn’t do anything. It’s completely dead. Same problem as before, it took Sony like 3 weeks to repair it. It bricked like a month after I got it in Dec 2020.

From my googling seems like the power supply goes bad. I found a video to replace it, but I’ll do the credit card warranty process first.

Pro tip: buy expensive things with your credit card!

That’s really smart. Now people can’t come up with a snappy name for it. Or can they?

Well my claim was denied. They’re saying credit card warranty coverage only extends 90 days after purchase. Which is ridiculous, because what is the point?

I now have a $600 brick.

Sorry to hear that happened to you. I’d be so upset if mine bricked. It should never do that even with heavy use.

Man, that sucks. At this point, I guess the only option is to pay the extortionist price of $250 to change your brick back into a PS5.

Yes. $250 is cheaper than buying a new one. Just gotta hope it lasts a few years.

You had this happen TWICE to you? That seems weird.
Does the PS5 have some kind of high failure rate?

When they fixed it the first time, did you get a new one, or they fixed that one that got bricked?

Not if it was the same unit. If there’s something wrong with it, and they just fixed the power supply (according to his previous posts), maybe something caused the new power supply to fail too.

I had the same thing happen to me with PS2. They kept trying to send me the same one back, and it wasn’t fixed yet. And then they sent me a different used (refurbed) unit back which had new problems that they then kept taking back and trying to fixed, and then they finally sent me a 3rd refurbed PS2 that finally worked, but that had other problems develop outside the warranty period that I lived with.

And the PS3 I had, the fixed for the yellow light of death, but it was the same unit, and then it failed again outside of a year of fixing.

(My point is, if there’s a unit that has something wrong with it. They can fix it, but in my experience it breaks again).

Same unit, same serial number.