PlayStation 5

A new Theatrhythm with 500 songs was announced for PS4 (and switch).
That’s by far my most played 3DS game. Looking forward to it!

Just thought of the most likely case, a timed exclusive. It’s open world so I’m in less of a rush on this one, I can wait. I’ll play Izuna drop at home.

This seems like a smart idea.

Just go with the Disc-less version of the PS5, and let people plug in a drive if they want one.

Great, maybe the new revision will be less offensively ugly.

And yeah, I’d keep it out of sight anyway, but c’mon.

My cousin offered me an Amazon link to buy the disc version. I’m considering it, but now that the Wo Long demo has expired, I can’t think of a single reason to buy it.

Is streaming video via the web browser better than PS4? I was trying to watch CBS Sports over the weekend and it looked terrible. We recently cut cable so we’re complete noobs on this stuff.

I assume it’s quieter than the PS4 at least? It might be worth it just for that. I’m sure I’ll want to play a few Team Ninja beta demos the next few years.

This seems like such an obvious choice that I’m amazed both Sony and MS didn’t do this.

IIRC, it does not have a web browser.

It does have newer wifi hardware than the PS4 but I can’t speak to your options for streaming CBS Sports offhand.

It’s definitely quieter than the PS4. To the point that I’m not sure the fan noise ever rises above ambient room noise in my living room.

My wife told me to order it because she thought it looked cool. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I had forgotten about Ghost of Tsushima and Demon’s Souls. I can also play Gran Turismo with my cousin. I’m pretty sure that’s more value than I got out of the PS4. I keep all my Amazon credit card points to buy game consoles every few years, so it wasn’t a stretch.

Now we just have to see if UPS steals it.

My brother and I split the cost of games and mail the discs back and forth.

I have never used the web browser on either machine so hard to say.

In terms of sound I think one of the best things about both next gen consoles is how quite they are. The Xbox is virtually silent and the PS5 isn’t far behind. I used to hate using my PS4 as it sounded like a jet taking off.

And now on PC!

I was just talking about graphical sophistication way back when, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t look and play great, just that it didn’t look “next-gen”. The recommended GPU on Steam being a GTX1060 bears that up pretty well.

Choice quote to bring back.

The Verge article says no games can actually be played at this point and of course bans could easily be incoming if you do this and take the console online.

Oh it’s that Bloodborne 60 fps guy. Good to see he’s still keeping busy.

Jeez. $60? I’m curious about all 3D platformers, so I’ll get it eventually, but not at that price. Hopefully they’ll have a nice sale on it around Christmas/New Year.

Just noticed the PS5 had shorter loads (a few secs compared to twice that) than a PC SSD.

Yeah, the fast loads on PS5 can be incredible.