PlayStation 5

I was going to post mine, but it is so much easier just to say I spent 122 hours in GT7 and 5 hours in Cyberpunk 2077. Done. Didn’t launch a single other game all year.

I really have not had much use for my PS5, unfortunately. I was hoping for Diablo 4 to make a dent but I’m seriously considering the PC for it. Gah.

I didn’t realize the wrap-up was such an advertising ploy!

It says I played Tsushima for 55 hours but it feels like double that. Open world games are so long.

Speaking of open world games…

Hehe, 0 hours played online.

Looks like everyone gets the same astrobot avatar codes. You can grab them all here

It’s okay. I played it long enough to platinum, 10 hours. Just didn’t play too much this year :)

I loved the art, music & most writing. Gameplay would’ve been better in bites on a handheld.

That’s actuallywhy I picked it up on the StD instead of the Xbox. I’ll probably dig in in the new year. Thanks!

Where I get a haircut, if there’s a line, I usually go next door to see if there’s anything at Gamestop that looks interesting. There was a sign on the door that said they had PS5s in stock, and to please ask an associate behind the counter if you wanted one.

So I guess you can just go to the store and buy one now. Though I didn’t actually ask the person behind the counter, so I didn’t fully verify it.

Here’s me:


At some point I’ll finish Midnight Suns and get back to Ragnarock.

The PS5 doesn’t really have a very strong release calendar for 2023 does it? As far as exclusives go, it’s Forsaken and FFXVI and…

There’s a bunch of exclusives coming if you’re buying into PSVR2. Like Horizon Call of the Mountain.
2023 is the year of PSVR2!

Edit: Oh, and the Spiderman sequel is coming. And the sequel to Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

I mean it costs more than the already expensive main console, is tethered, and afaik only has H:CotM as a flagship game for it. (The other announced titles are already available for Quest.) That’s a wait-and-see for me.

FFVII for the 13th time isn’t super interesting to me, though I get I’m not the target demo there. Spiderman 2–that’s also a wait-and-see. I’ve really liked the Marvel properties, but I’m pretty bored of open-world games and got burned out on Spiderman’s formula by the end to the point I haven’t played the DLC nor Miles Morales (all of which I own.) They’d have to do something unique with that game to draw me back in. Maybe if they made it an exploration-based survival-lite game with strategic combat or something.

My wife won on the Playstation again this year. I had to settle for spots 2-5.

They’ve started doing what Nintendo does and not announcing things so far in advance. I suspect the calendar will fill up as 2023 goes along.

Kind of a sad year for me and the PS5. I didn’t play a lot and when I did, I played The Show and a bunch of older games (in the case of RDR2, I didn’t even replay it in full; just a little taste).

I did average 3.6 hours per day played (170 days basically). So when I play I can put the time in. But I feel like I don’t get to play all that often (even the 170 is probably misleading as there are too many start-and-stop days to count).

Any tips from you folks who balance work and life and get a consistent gaming time in each day?


You…. played four hour a day and feel like you didn’t play enough? ;) I think you’re looking for a career!

Basically though the only way to game is forego other disposable entertainment. You’re either gaming or watching TV or movies. Hard to do both. You can sneak a movie in here or there, but no 8 season 10 episode each binging.

I get lucky to play 1 hour a day…I just received Aeon’s Tresspass board game…I have NO idea how I’m going to play a 200 hour game…but I wanna. No balance for me…life, dogs, wife, kid, family, work…enjoy youth is all I can say.

The solution is clear.

As an aside, FF7 Remake was way better than it should have been (as someone burned out on JRPGs) and is shockingly (major spoilers) a sequel, not a remake.

LOL - that does sound rather entitled of me, doesn’t it?

Let me try to dig myself out. A lot of “playing” The Show is having it running while I do other things and think about trades or whatnot. So my hours are skewed a bit on that game.

But more importantly, it seems like when I play I can set aside several hours to do so. I’m super lucky in that way (or I just had a super lonely year ;) ). But then a week will go by without touching it. And I’m wondering how folks manage to regularly get in gaming, even if it’s only for 45 minutes a night…

and your answer makes tons of sense. It’s a trade off with movies and shows. Entertainment is entertainment. Screen time is screen time.

This might be one of the reasons I gravitate so frequently towards strategy games and the like where there is no dialog or anything that really requires total focus. Then I can play a game AND watch TV at the same time!

Anyone have any experience using the SteelSeries Arctis Nova Pro Wireless headset with the PS5? I’m hoping to up my PS5 gaming this year (particularly with D4 coming in June) and I want to get something that will work in other setups, as well, if I want. Having moved from a house to an apartment again, I’m too anxious about sound levels to play without a headset these days. I’ve a mid-range headset for my PC already (a Logitech), but I stopped using the wireless and have it plugged in because it was crap and kept losing connection.

Looking for any pros and cons y’all might have before I dump that much on a headset (goes for $449 CAD on Amazon right now). I’ll probably purchase in the next couple weeks if I can’t find any cons, aside from price, that would say no-go. May actually get me to play Cyberpunk 2077, too.