PlayStation Move: What Hardware Did You Buy?

There are tons of possible combinations of hardware for PS Move. Curious (personal, this ain’t market research) as to what people are picking up.

I debated picking up a set for my kid and me, but I’m not sure if you really need a Nav controller for most games, and by the time you get the bundle, a second controller, and a couple of nav controllers, it starts to get a bit pricey. So I’m going to temper my early adopter reflex and hold out a bit and read the game reviews first to see what I really need, and what’s worth getting Move for.

I have no idea how anyone could possibly justify purchasing this right now.

The results so far are pretty funny. 50% Wii, 50% sh1tb0nerz.

Option: “waiting for must-have games that include move in a meaningful way”

I really want to buy a move, but I can’t think of a good reason, at least at the moment. As such I’ll go for the wii option.

I’m not totally against motion control, and I love that both Move and Kinect has the potential to give me something else than the kiddy and party games that plague the Wii (or games that benefits in no way from motion control), but so far both Microsoft and Sony seem content to say “we want to do what the Wii does… only better” as if that will sway the 55 billion people that already own a Wii, don’t care that much about HD graphics and possibly won’t get why (if?) better precision matters in simulated bowling in the living room…

This. I had Move preordered and then realized that none of the launch games were worth the price of the hardware. I’m still interested in Move, but I won’t be dropping the cash on it until there is something I actually want to play. Sorcery looks promising.

Same here. I think the tech works and can lead to something interesting. I just haven’t seen anything that’s actually worth it.

Which is interesting because I think Microsoft has the opposite: Sketchy tech that has one great game (Dance Central).

Not this. C’mon people. Think about what we talk about on these boards… Can you really justify all your purchases?

Or maybe… I’m using the “don’t justify your purchases” line to justify the fact that I got the bundle + an extra controller.


Or maybe… I’m using the “don’t justify your purchases” line to justify the fact that I got the bundle + an extra controller.

Enjoy Start the Party. Or whatever you intend to play until something worthwhile comes out. The library is absolutely awful right now. There’s certainly nothing on the release schedule yet for Move that would entice me to spend $100+ on it.

Alright, whoever bought it needs to man up. And then post videos of playing it.

100% this!

Is this available? I had no idea. Marketing fail.

Seriously, hadn’t the faintest idea.

Ha, yeah i didn’t know Move was actually out either. Though I assumed it was my totol disintrest rather than poor marketing.

Yeah, I realized that this was on sale by accident, when I was picking up halo: reach…

Just as brilliant as releasing brutal legend the same day as uncharted 2 or releasing resonance of fate the same day as FFXIII and God of War 3…

LOL, poll results are funny.

Move is more attractive than Kinect, right? As an Xbox owner I haven’t been following Move much. I just assumed that Kinect was so laughable that Move had to be looked at in a better light, even if it was only slightly better.

I thought move was still at least a month out like going to hit for the christmas season or something. Fail.

Actually, now that TGS has revealed a couple of real games for Kinect, I’d put it in the lead over Move as far as my interest goes. I’m certainly not preordering at this point, but Steel Battalion and Panzer Dragoon? You have my attention.

How about Resident Evil V with the new Move-compatible update? Has anyone tried it? I haven’t played RE V yet, because I loved playing RE IV on the Wii and concluded that using a Wii-like controller added a lot to the game. Playing RE V with a traditional controller seemed like it would be a big step down from RE IV’s Wii version. So I was pretty excited to hear that RE V was providing Move support.

I didn’t know this was out either, but I checked Walmart during lunch, and sure enough, there it was.