PlayStation Move: What Hardware Did You Buy?

Is that wizard game they showed at E3 out with it? I might buy it then, but I forgot this was even out.

I suppose it would be better if I knew the name of the wizard game. Marketing fails me.

I just looked at Amazon for the lineup of launch games and nothing appeals to me at all. I guess I’ll go back to Spider-man until Civ5 comes out.

That would be the oh-so-memorably titled Sorcery. It’s supposed to come out next year.

I’d like to have a reason to buy Move but I’m not going to get it just to have a new gadget for my PS3. If something comes along that absolutely grabs my attention, I’ll pick it up (and it’ll likely be a major bundle, since I don’t have the Eye either).

I didn’t vote.

Wow, someone liked RE4 with Wii controls. Whaddya know.

Actually, yeah, RE4 worked okay, but I just have no interest in playing it that way when a regular controller works so much better. Not in any way a selling point for me.

Wouldn’t Move aiming actually be what everybody kinda hoped Wii aiming would be like? I actually kinda want to try it out for that reason but no way I’m shelling out just for RE5 and MAG backwards compatibility.

If it doesn’t end up being particularly good for FPS gameplay then I guess that leaves . . . Child of Eden. Which is playable with regular controllers. Oh well.

Well looks like I’m the second. As I type my kids are playing with (and loving) Eyepet.

Basically I got it for my kids at his stage; I have 2 PS3s which get used for the Bluray and Buzz and that’s pretty much it.

However I do have some hopes for future games and I have the sports game so I will give that a go probably.

I don’t have a Wii and will probably also get Kinect at some stage.

I’m hardly the only one who thought RE4 was better with the Wii controls:




I have to laugh when someone tries to claim it’s “better” with the Wii controls. Functional, I guess. But better? That’s an absurd claim to me. I have to agree with Eurogamer:

Now that’s the game I played.

Another “Oh, this is out?” vote for me. And throw in a “what? there are three different pieces of hardware?” to round out my apathy with confusion. I’m not very interested in Kinect* either, but at least that’s just a thing you buy. Sounds like until you know what games you’re getting**, it’s not even obvious what you should buy with Move.

  • or the Wii I already own!

** there will be games, right?

What do you mean by better? If there is any problem with the Wii controls in RE4, it’s that they might be a bit too precise, which you have to admit is an unusual concern for a wii owner to have.

The Move, however, is dead to me already. My hardware budget will be consumed fully by RB3 this year, I think.

Resident Evil 4 on Wii is fantastic, and that Eurogamer review was a total outlier. One of the main reasons I’ll be getting Move is to play through Resi 5 with similar controls, because that’s exactly what I wished I could’ve done when I played it the first time around.

In any case, I’ll be picking up the bundle with Beat Sketcher, and also a couple of other games like Time Crisis etc. And playing Heavy Rain again. It’s not super-expensive and I’m interested in the tech, so why not?

Kinect has an even less impressive lineup but I’ll probably get that once I have assurance it’ll actually work in my apartment.

Look, my Wii is the finest dust collector I own. I’m probably in that crowd of the last people who would defend the inclusion of gratuitous motion control. But with the proper implementation, where it seems to be essential to include the visual assist of the character’s arms onscreen as RE4 and Metroid do extremely well, the Wii turns you into a killing machine.

I got scores on the shooting gallery that put my PS2 records to shame, and the village at the beginning practically turned into a knife/kneeshot with pistol/QTE asskicking festival by the time I was playing through on professional. Did you know that the fastest way to get through that village on a speed run is to run around in the open and massacre the villagers to trigger the cutscene without monkeying around with chainsaw man? Because I sure didn’t until the Wii made it feasible with only a little practice.

Don’t know what to tell you there. I didn’t think it worked well in RE4 at all, and will take the controller any day on that game. I assume you’re referring to Metroid Prime 3 here, not Other M, and Prime 3 did work quite well with the Wii controls (outside of some slightly wonky nunchuk flicking). But Prime 3 didn’t ask you to do as much maneuvering and perspective shifting as RE4. Eurogamer’s review may be an outlier, but I think they got it dead on.

Did you know that the fastest way to get through that village on a speed run is to run around in the open and massacre the villagers to trigger the cutscene without monkeying around with chainsaw man?

Yup. I played the Gamecube version, discovered that the second time I played that section thanks to the exceptionally accurate controls.

No interest. None. Whatsoever. In this or Kinect. And this is after trying the shit at PAX. Seriously, I did this already with the Wii. Which, like everyone else’s, is collecting dust. When I play games, I want to sit on my ass and play them. If I want to move around, I’ll fucking go outside.

This is the kind of gimmicky crap that used to be at Kentia Hall at E3. But now that MS and Sony are behind it and trying to convince us we need it, we’re supposed to care? LOL NO THANKS KBYE.

While I did like the aiming in Wii RE4 a lot, I didn’t really miss it in RE5.

Quoting myself for future disclaimer: When Bejeweled for Kinect comes out, and we have to move around our living room LIKE WE ARE THE JEWELS, I’ll be saying how awesome it is.

You might have been too busy missing everything good about RE4 to notice. Man, did I not like RE5. Can’t quite pinpoint what was off about it in comparison to RE4, but I loved RE4 and was just left ice cold by RE5.

Yeah, after some hands on at PAX my disinterest has reached stratospheric levels on this stuff.

It just isn’t…fun. It seems I just don’t enjoy waving my arms around like a raving lunatic in my living room. Even on the Wii the only game I play is MH:Tri, which uses a controller.

But 95 scajillionbillion Wiis sold can’t be wrong. The market has spoken and clearly we want motion craptrols.