PlayStation Now coming to PC

As someone who just played BB on his daughters PS4 and likes to use a high stability shield in DS I know it is a pretty sharp learning curve going into BB. I mean in DS I will block once then dodge afterwards and you don’t have that option in BB.

And PS Now is what, $10 a month per person, not a family account? I played BB offline on PS4 because I couldn’t see paying for a second account.

It’s a little ugly (or was a year and a half ago when I tried it) but BB works fine on PC with PS Now. You could probably just about beat it in a week if you played at my pace and did 8 hours a day. That’s if it includes the Old Hunters.

That would be a totally different game, though.

Yeah, there’s no way to make all the different areas connect to each other like Dark Souls. But on the PS5 travel back and forth between worlds and the hub should be effectively instant.

Sure, but similar to what was done with Resident Evil 2 remake, different but true to its source material. I would love that.

I think it could be done. Boletaria castle on top, Stonefang somewhere on the back, Valley of defilement could be reached via Stonefang. Tower of Latria located deep inside the castle and so on … But it would cost money and the will to do it. A kickstarter campaign would be great for it.

A remaster like the latest Shadow of Colossus would be cool too. If nothing else, put it on PS now in a first step.

Totally late to this but this totally passed me by. I am considering getting a controller to play the Uncharted games I missed on my PC now. Anyone use the service? How is it? I understand I need a PS4 controller, a PS3 controller won’t do?

That’s correct. Looks like they require a PS4 controller.

I’m glad they did that. The PS4 controller is a massive improvement over the PS3 controller.

It’s been a couple years since I did this, but I played Bloodborne on PS Now on my PC for a week using a 360 controller. I couldn’t do anything involving the touchpad, of course, but that was not relevant to my game so it didn’t matter.

Right. I think I attempted RDR with an XBox pad.

That game already has sluggish controls I can’t imagine how bad it must feel adding streaming latency on top of it.or wait did you mean 1 and not 2. 1 probably fine.

I meant 1 but it seemed plenty sluggish :) I didn’t get very far.

For what it’s worth I didn’t really notice much if any latency issues with Bloodborne through the service, and that is definitely not a slow-paced game.

As my birthday is coming up I want to get me the PS4 controller so that I may finally play some Uncharted. Anyone have tips on a good Bluetooth dongle for the PC compatible with that controller?

When I bought a dualshock 4 it came in a bundle with the branded usb bluetooth dongle (cuh-zwa1u), if you can find it packaged together.

Good to know, thanks.

I picked up 2 years of PSNow for $90 via Amazon Prime day (link). At that price it’s worthwhile to be able to play some PS3 favorites on my PC.

I previously paid $100 / year - and that was cheaper than the $10/month Sony was charging at one point. I don’t imagine the price of custom PS3s or datacenter space has come down that much. I wonder why it is so cheap now?

I think I streamed one game total the time I used PSNow, the rest were downloads. This was last year in March, they had an offer for $60 for a year. Anyways I think it’s a lot cheaper with the downloads.

It is pretty tempting at that price. But now that Demon’s Souls is going to be remade for PS5, there’s less future use for PS Now. I still only play on PS for PS exclusives, and those come down in price pretty nicely, so there’s no need to rent those games when I can just buy them.

$60 for a year is the regular price now. The Prime Day deal brings it down to $42/year.

New next week:

  • F1 2020
  • Injustice 2
  • Kingdom Come Deliverance
  • My Time at Portia
  • Rage 2
  • Warhammer Vermintide 2

Looking forward to checking out the new team mode in F1 2020 (great reviews), and the Injustice 2 story.

Last month added a couple PS exclusives - MediEvil & Days Gone.

Resolved now, but make sure you update!