Please help Forced Alliance Win

Not only did we win the Best Darma Award, we won the Fan Vote!!! Gerry and I were shocked. We figured that one of the other fan favorites would easily take that. Thanks to everyone here who helped us to win. The only downside that we’re trying to work around, is that they can’t show our film on TV due to the fact we have sag actors. We’ll see if we can change that.

Thanks again,



Forced Alliance is now on Atomfilms in the Star Wars Fan Film Challenge! we want to make sure we have a good showing, so please go to Atomfilms and VOTE! Tell your friends, your family, everyone!!!

Click on the link below and vote vote vote!

The winner will appear on Spike TV.

Thanks for the help.

Randy Bookman

Is there anyway to d/l it? The site is really slow and the video is choppy. Is it on YouTube?

yeah, you can find it at but then be sure to vote at under Forced Alliance.

Some quick updates. Still need more votes guys so tell you friends and everyone else. Right now I think we’re in second place as far as ratings go. We will be shown at the Star Wars Celebration 4 here in Los Angeles. We got an official Lucasfilm email yesterday. Thanks again for the support and taking the time to vote on our film.

Thanks again guys to everyone here at the QT3 for the support. I’ll let you know what happens after Sunday. Gerry and I aren’t expecting to win any awards which is fine as long as someone from Lucasfilm comes up to us and offers us a job. We hope you guys liked the movie and if any of you will be at Celebration 4 let me know and we’ll meet up and say hey.

Thanks again,

Randy B

Hope you guys land a real job, but man… fuck Star Wars.


If it’s in my power, I plan to change that sentiment.

You’re going to go back in time and terminate George Lucas at some point prior to Phantom Menace?


Why do that, when we can just wait 20 years for Lucas to destroy it himself.

Cuz we can’t take back having watched it if someone doesn’t time travel?