Please help this little girl with Cystic Fibrosis

QT3, I’m hoping you can help spread the word of a family in need. Faith is a 5-year CF patient and a member of the CF community.

We can’t go into deep personal detail, but the father is no longer around and they lost their car when this happened. She lives nearly 3 hours from the University of Michigan hospital where she gets her care and not having transportation is putting her life in jeopardy.

We’re not looking for big individual donations. Money is tight for most people, so our hope is we can spread this story around and get a few thousand people to donate $1-$3. This would be enough to get her Mom stabilized (she has 2 more children besides Faith). As of last week we had a car that would work, but we need to raise about $2,500 to get it.

I’m a recently elected member of the board and donate my time to them and patients. Faith is a real sweetheart and I desperately hope I can help her and her family. If it’s not too much trouble please send the link to friends/family and ask if they too can do the same.



(Tom Ok’d this for posting)

I’m really sorry to hear about this, jeff. I can’t contribute right now but I will keep this bumped.

Done. Good luck raising what is necessary, JP!

She looks like she’s got that fighting spirit. It’s in her eyes, and in that thumb.

It’s a shame someone that young has to deal with that.

Good on ya Jeff and Good luck to Faith.


Donate link was not working for me at 10:00am…not sure if it’s just me or more widespread.

PayPal said “Sorry — your last action could not be completed”

Donation made. Keep up posted man.

Spoofy, it worked fine for me, give it a few and try it again.

Paypal is being subjected to a DoS attack over the Wikileaks stuff, so that could be the problem. I’m going to try it later today.

Done, and thank you.

The response so far has been amazing. Our Office Manager called me late last night, and she was beside herself talking about the response.

I also wanted to say, there’s more to the story that we cannot print. This little girl has been through a lot. It’s been very emotional and the impact you’re mkaing goes further than dollars or transportation. For her, knowing people care (outside her Mom and nurses) - this is going to have a tremendous impact on her.

Great! :)

A little something winging its way from the other side of the ocean. I hope you raise more than you need :).

Not much, but contributed a few bucks last night. Good luck!

Not sure why but the link never worked from work. Switched to my iPhone and had no trouble.

Go Wheels4Faith!


I didn’t need anymore steam treasure hunt chickfoolery anyhow.

On it’s way!

Sent some cash in. Hope it goes well enough that you guys can give the girl a kickass 'Vette.

Keep up the good work Jeff.

Donation in. Go Faith!

Donation sent. Good luck Faith.