PLEASE READ: Request about posting images

Hey guys,

Based on stuff I’ve seen recently of emaciated people, dead bodies, and crucified Holocaust victims, I’ve added the following bit to the stickied post on forum rules:

Please avoid posting disturbing images. If you must link to that sort of stuff, please provide a warning about what you’re linking. Although this is an adult forum, it’s also a forum that people would like to be able to browse from work, or with their families in the same room, or with some reasonable assurance that they’re not going to be suddenly confronted with something gross, disturbing, or in generally poor taste.

Basically, I’m going to start cutting icky images out of people’s posts. I trust you guys to have the judgement to avoid dumping this kind of stuff in front of everyone else.



Poor Whitta. Oh wait, we’re still allowed to post this stuff… just make sure we’ve got a warning about it? Goodo. :wink:

So, as I understand it, the game we’re playing involves loading this here sticky topic with the most vile, degenerate, images we can gather and see how quickly you can try and delete them?

I’ve been browsing the wrong forums…

I’ve been browsing the wrong forums…[/quote]

I thought the same thing and then I realized that I was pretty happy about it.

Tom is this mostly about the “Forum Images” thread or something else?

Politics and Religion, actually.

I assume the holocaust stuff must’ve been in some P&R threads, I don’t venture in there often. The only thing I saw was the photoshopped picture of an emaciated Lindsay Lohan getting deleted in her thread.