Please tell me my iPad isn’t dying :(

There are all these black lines going down the right side of my iPad taking up an inch of the screen. I am really upset. This is like the one thing that keeps me sane in the hospital. This reminds me of a monitor or a video car dying in PCland.

I don’t have an iPad, but I had the exact same thing on my Zenpad and they never went away.

On the plus side, it’s never gotten worse. The pad still works, just with annoying black lines on the edge of the screen. I got a new tablet anyway because black lines are annoying when watching a movie.

You tried a reset (hold both buttons until you see the Apple), right? Always the first thing to try.

That doesn’t sound good though. I would say get on chat with tech support, but it will be difficult to troubleshoot and talk to them. Plus they will just say to take it in.

I did try that.

I scoured the apple forums and it sounds like its a hardware issue: screen failing. What is your model and how long have you had it?

I know what its like to be exiled to a hospital bed for months and have the iPad be all that stands between you and madness. :(

Sounds like this happened at the worst possible time, but make an appointment to bring it in. I assume you don’t have AppleCare?

Do you look at porn while in the hospital? I mean, you’re there for months

What model iPad?

I sure as hell did.

iPad Pro model MQDT2LL/A

I think I’ve only been using it a year and it’s never been dropped so much as an inch. I baby this thing. I don’t have AppleCare.

It’s hard to count, but I think it’s 15 solid black lines all equidistance from each other, each ~2mm apart. I’m sitting here reading the forum, then they just show up suddenly out of the blue. No rhyme or reason to it.

I have a couple of laptops whose screens display that sort of problem, and while it is very annoying and impeding, both those laptops and screens have not failed since, if it may reassure you. But the black lines were constant, and it sounds like yours come and go? Have you tried to hold the iPad inverted, and see if it helped temporariy until you can get it sorted out?

No they don’t come and go. It’s permanent. When I switch orientation it stays in the same place regardless of screen direction.

Horizontal or vertical? And how thick are they/

I wish I was there so I could lend you mine while you get yours fixed. Hang in there, Jeff!

The lines mark where you’re supposed to drill the holes.

When I am in landscape mode they’re vertical. When in letter orientation they’re horizational. While reading QT3 they’re the thickness of an “l” at my resolution. It creates a screen door effect that is hard to see through. Basically like the worst interlacing ever from an old tv.

I’ve searched and searched online, and it seems to be a symptom of a screen hardware failure. Not imminent failure, but that it is failing. There is no one handy topic or video I have found, and the issues/lines appear in different colors and thicknesses, apparently.

This is what I feared. Strange since my iPad has never been stressed and taken such good care of.

I am sure It’s not anything you did, it just happens, you got a lemon. The million dollar question is what will Apple do about it since it’s not under warranty. There’s plenty of cases of Apple bending over backwards to help people out and fixing/replacing things for free.

How soon can you get into a store? Make an appointment first. Get on the support app and do a chat and you can do it over that I believe. Or call support. The support app should have everything you need. I know my stores around here are all backed up, so expect to wait week.

Goes without saying, but be nice, give them your story and how much the thing means to you, etc.

I will do that. Thanks for the link.