Please tell me this Narcissistic idiot isn't really running for President!

No not that one, this one:

Elon Musk endorses him? If I didn’t know better I’d swear they’re in collusion with trump to split the democratic vote.

Would Kanye really split the democratic vote? Seems like him an Musk are more maga adjacent and would pull votes from that pool.

Sorry, @jpinard. Carry on!

Hey hey, not everyone reads the ‘What Could Possibly Go Wrong’ thread.


Probably not really.

He has learned from the master: Blurting his thoughts out on twitter is the new exploratory committee.

Anyone can “say” they’re running for President. Very few I think have both the actual intention to run as well as the organizational capabilities to get it done. If all you had to do was say you’re running for president there would be about 500 people on the voting options.

People often forget that Kanye West had always been dumb as a box of rocks.

Well, he has had a history of speaking truth to power, that is, the power of the people.

I forgot how awesome Michael Myers’ response was.

Thanks @triggercut :)

Don’t take it too personally, j. I get what you mean but I don’t think his frustration is directed at you.

someone = jpinard
But maybe I’m being too sensitive. I’m not in a great place at the moment.

You have an understandable excuse, and trig was being a bit of a dick

I’m thinking he’s annoyed at Kanye’s stunt and more annoyed that news media is reporting/wasting time on it and took it out on you.

Yeah, the frustration is more generalized, and sorry for making you upset Jeff. I didn’t mean for you to feel the brunt of that.

It feels very much like a Kanye performative stunt. And while I’m amused by Kanye performative stunts when they exist within the realm of the entertainment industry, I – like you, I imagine – am less sanguine about seeing them cross over into the very serious side of an important presidential race that may well be about life and death too many of us.

And seeing those in the press (especially those in the press) who should know better, giving this narcissistic stunt any sort of empowering oxygen in the last 24 hours has been wearying.

No need for personal attacks.

BTW, in case this helps assuage any anxieties about Kanye2020: in 10 days, unless he puts together a staff of experienced political players and gets petitions into the field, filed, etc., Kanye will have missed ballot access deadlines in states that total 185 electoral votes, which makes it impossible for him to get to 270 to win. :)

And by the end of July, that number goes above 225. And within 30 days of right now, unless he puts together one of the most formidable grassroots political organizations we’ve seen – he’s going to miss the ballot deadlines in states that total 360 of the possible 538 electoral votes.

I don’t think anyone thinks Kanye could possibly win.

I think that some people are worried that he could get on the ballot in a handful of States, where maybe the margin is super thin like in 2016, and this could fuck things up by getting idiots to vote for him.