Plex help needed!


Answer the questions:


My new box has the plex server installed on it. Yes I can see the server on my new box. I just can’t see the server from anything that is not on my new box. I can’t see my new box from the network neighborhood of my old box. My phone can’t see the server, which is installed on my new box.


What is the result when you ping from another box and access the address in a browser? No one cares about network neighborhood.


Nevermind. It’s like pulling teeth getting info and you’ve already reached your own conclusions.


I am sorry, but I am not understanding what you are asking. Old box can ping new box. new box can ping old box. I do not know what you mean, by the address in the browser.


Are you using machine names to ping or configure in plex or are you using the IP address? I would use IP address for now, at least until you get this sorted out. Note IP address can cause issues later if DHCP randomly assigns a new address.

To answer your question hit the Win key and type in “advanced sharing” and select the Manage Advanced sharing option.

By address in the browser he means hitting the plex server’s local web page at port 32400 . So in your browser you would type or whatever your server’s IP is. Try that from the machine that cannot connect to plex.


I figured it out. This is what I had to do:
Set two services to automatic and start them: Function Discovery Provider Host, Function Discovery Resource Publication.

I then rebooted my computer and now I could see my new computer from my old computer, as well as the plex server (in network neighborhood).

I then went to my android phone app, told it to reset my home profile and then it connected to my new plex server.


That’s odd but good job.


Just started using Plex a few weeks ago, and really impressed with it for what I’m using it for: a way to stream movies from a big PC HD to a tv set in a bedroom. The layout and UI and ease of use is so much better than other PC to Roku or PC to PS4 media servers I’ve tried.

But now I have a question. I’ve got about 60 movies or so on harddrive, and I can add more from my blu ray disc collection. But it’s kind of a bummer that it shows just one area of “Here are your movies”, and to get to a specific one I want, I have to scroll for a good while sometimes.

Is there a way to make Plex kind of behave almost with a Netflix-style UI, where I’ll see separate rows for the dramas, comedies, documentaries, etc? I mean, I’m willing to move stuff around in folders on the PC, or willing to try to build out and arrange things in Plex to get that functionality. I just am not seeing how to do that.


You COULD just build new libraries for what you want. BUT you don’t have to. You can click up top to sort by year/title/rating it. It’s in the top left of the right pane.


Oh! I I failed at UI. I see it now. Thanks!


The next step of the Plex addiction is to install Tautulli.


I run Tautulli just so that I know if someone streamed things from my computer. With plain old Plex, I hate not knowing if other people have watched stuff off my machine.


There’s a nice companion app for both Android and iOS as well.


It’s kind of ridiculous how mature and elegant Tautulli is.


Plex just overhauled their dashboard in the last couple months - does it have the kind of info you’re looking for?


In the Plex app on my TV when you go into movies, if you click on “all” in the top right, it gives you a bunch of filter options, including genres. Not sure you can get them to show grouped in the list, hower, as opposed to selecting a single genre. Unless you go down the manual folder route.


I have run into another Plex issue that happened out of the blue. A few days ago, using my android plex app, when I go to the plugins menu option, it tells me that I have no plugins and then there is a link which sends me to some web page about setting up plex.

However, if I go to my PC with my plex server on it, I see the plugins and can watch some shows from it. From my android app, I can still select normal media to watch. Any ideas?


Plex discontinued Plugins.

Also, deja-vu, you almost asked the same thing up-thread on January 11th when you revived this thread, right?

Stupid Plex. I really miss the Plug-ins/Channels too.


No, the one I asked on Jan 11th was different. I have plugins, they worked.

I had them working on my phone and my plex server. Without making any changes, they no longer appear on my phone. The option for plugins appears on my phone, but when selecting them, it just very recently stopped showing them for some reason.