Plex help needed!


For me, they stopped working when I updated my Plex server a couple of months ago. Assuming you didn’t do that, maybe your Plex app on your phone got updated?


That could have happened. I am not sure why they disabled plugins on the phone app but left in the plugins menu option. Oh well. Since getting netflix, I do not really have much use for plex anymore outside of the plugins.


OK, I have more questions, mostly because I’m in love with Plex. :)

So here’s what I’m thinking. In my bedroom I’m thinking about upgrading my TV set to a 4k UHD model. The LG 1080p I have in there now is fine, but…y’know. It’s celebrating its 10th birthday.

So let’s start with 4k UHD.

Now then: let’s say that I might want to occasionally stream a movie or tv show via Plex to this TV, and take advantage of 4K. Hard-wiring the TV to the router is out. Thus, the first question: in my home, assuming the 4K tv can connect to the 5g Wireless AC network, can I stream in 4K from a computer to this TV set? Or no? Would using a powerline adapter at the router and then at the point of the TV set outlet make that more feasible?

2nd question: Let’s assume that this potentially massive 4K TV episode or movie is sitting on an 8TB external hard drive connected through USB 3.0. Does this storage connection create any sort of bottleneck?

Thanks! I’ll hang up and listen. :)


If it’s a good 5Ghz signal it should work fine. USB3 is fine too.


Awesome. Thanks!


I checked the 4k movies I have on Plex, all are h265 and about 15Mbps.

I loaded one on my phone and watched network usage on my server - it stays steady at around 50-70Mbps for the first 45 seconds but after that it looks like this:

Any half decent wifi network should handle it fine!

Also, Blade Runner 2049 looks beautiful at 4k on an oled phone.


Nice. Thanks for checking that!


I’m only learning the ropes too! A friend had been using it for years, and since I was doing more travelling I thought it’d be a nice thing to have.

Main issue now is I need 3x8terabyte hard drives to create a raid from!


Yeah, I’m also doing the “OK, now just HOW MANY external drives am I gonna need here” calculations in my head.


I’m thinking 3x8 in a Raid 5 should be fine, 16 terabytes is over three times the space I currently have. Been slowly upgrading my library to at minimum 1080p+5.1/7.1 where available, and 4K for cinematic movies.


Encode to HEVC, it takes up half the space.


All of my 4k context is HEVC already, as is a lot of my 1080p stuff.


16TB is a lot of space for HEVC 1080p content! 4k though, yeah, you need it.


The US Office in HEVC is 111GB, West Wing 160. It adds up quickly!


Well sure, it was like 10 seasons.


It’s my experience that 5ghz wifi has more bandwidth… in exchange of being more finicky with obstacles, walls, etc, so actually getting a good 5ghz signal is not trivial.
It is you have to an easy, direct sight path from router to tv, but in triggercut case, he was saying that wiring them was off the table, it’s possible in his case it’s because they are in different floors, or there are different walls between them. So in other words, YMMV.