Plex Pass worth it these days?

fwiw it does look like Jellyfin supports hardware encoding

Yeah it does, and you can even specify not allowing transcoding. I did that (and checked in the status section that transcoding wasn’t happening) and video quality still sucks. It seems like they are well aware of that on their Git repo.

At some point I might try to connect to it as a basic dlna server to see if it’s the google tv client that sucks, but having a client for google tv was the point for me.

I mean, if there’s a deal on Lifetime Plex pass (which is how I got mine a while back), another reason to get it is just to pay Plex for their work and support future development. If your finances are such that buying a Plex pass means maybe one less game in the Steam backlog vs. skipping a meal, then just do it and pay these folks to keep supporting and improving it! I get some benefits from the pass, but knowing I was paying for an app that’s of great utility to me was part of the decision too.

Yeah, I went ahead and bought it. Seemed worth it to me for when my TiVo bites the dust and I drop cable TV finally.

Looks like it supports AMD encoding too, which Plex most definitely does not! Intel and Nvidia-only.

That’s surprising that Plex Pass doesn’t support AMD. It’s always ffmpeg all the way down.

I fooled around with Jellyfin for a while. Turns out on the client side there are multiple video players. The one it defaults to works like ass, but one of the other choices (VLC) seems to work perfectly.

Auto (default)
automatically selects an option based on algorithms, should be the preferred method
The options that will be used most often by the auto mode, it will use the standard android libraries for playback
The code behind VLC, uses ffmpeg and does not use the system libraries. Can sometimes help with playback issues.
External App
Like the name implies, opens an external app for the video. Features like reporting playback progress etc. might not work.