Plug: Day of Defeat Source Free Weekend - QT3 Server up for the occasion

Day of Defeat Source is free this weekend and I will be having a private server up.

Server name will be:

“POE - QT3 DoD:s”


The free weekend starts at noon and the server will be up by then, but I am roughly thinking 8pm PST Friday for a game. Any times better?

ps. And yes with all this malarkey going around - i do work for valve.

This is one of those stealth marketing ploys, isn’t it? ;)

At any rate, I’ll hop on Fri or Sat night. I thought DoD was pretty fun.

Friday 8pm PST sounds good to me!

Hey Chet I’ve got a question for you. For some reason I can’t save server favorites in DoD:S server browser. I used to but I think a recent patch broke it or there’s something wrong on my end. Any ideas?

If I’m awake I’ll be there.

JMR - that use to happen to me, then one day it worked again. Keep your favourites IPs in a text file or something just in case :)

I’ll be in on Friday night but probably before that, am thinking around 6-7 central in case anyone is around… will not be in town after that.

— Alan

You’re all gonna die.

I too will shill for this game, tons of fun IMO. Also, HL2 Silver is the best gaming value on the market, period. Never before have I got so much gameplay for the price of one game.

Too bad they don’t offer the Silver package anymore. If you get everything that Silver had you have to pay more, which makes the Silver package the only piece of software that I own that actually increased in value.

I’m in. I played CS quite a bit back in the day, and have liked what I’ve played of the source engine so far.


Sounds fun. Hopefully I can stop by and check out all the good times.

Do you think the server should be password protected? DoDS isn’t all that fun to play with just 7 or 8 people.

I would guess tonight the server will be full. Between here and POE it will fill up. I was going to make it no password than password around announced game time, but I am not going to be around much today where i can access the server.


wtf is “VAC Secured”?

Have you never played a Steam game online? Valve Anti-Cheat.

I shall try to make it. I suck at FPS games though, so I’ll drive or something.

Nope, never have. Except for Counterstrike pre-source, and that was mostly LAN.

Just played this, not bad. Of course, the same damn map OVER AND OVER got really old on the server I was on.

I’m not seeing the qt3 server up. Is it up yet and I’m just not seeing it?

Wow, Steam has gotten a lot better since back in the day. Will I need to fish out my CD key to play my “In account” HL1+expansions?

If you haven’t already entered them and you want the convenience of playing them through steam, then yes.

Make sure you haven’t filtered no p/w protected servers or something like that… took me awhile to find it. Not a lot of fun with 3 people on admittedly.

— Alan