Plug: Day of Defeat Source Free Weekend - QT3 Server up for the occasion

Maybe it will be around 8:00 PM PST?

Incidentally, would someone mind posting the IP for those of us unable to locate it through the browser?

I’ve refreshed a number of times, and i’m definitely not using any filters.

So yeah, I guess IP would be awesome, if anyone knows it…

I’ll post it, if I can figure out what it is…it doesn’t list it.

Edit: AHHA!

Ha, I shot some dude with a bazooka.

If you already have steam installed, you should be able to click this link

That’s pretty cool. Once I get past the firefox warning it connected like a champ.

alright, I just played for half an hour and there were never more than 4 people on, and we were only 2v2 for 1 round

I am coming on as soon as DoD finishes downloading. get ready to watch me die a lot! I will shoot myself and fling my goddamn corpse at y’all.

I’d be on there except for some reason all my games are grayed out and when I try to install it, “The Steam servers are currently too busy to handle your request. Please try again later.”

Wonderful programming there… has it ever occured to anyone to place people who OWN the game at a higher priority for servers?

I can get in, but I get disconnected after a couple of minutes. Annoying. Rural-ass DSL is my problem, I surmise.

i’m still at the office. as soon as i can get this project compiling, i’ll be over to kick your collective asses.

That link worked great. Any chance of a map change? Or is there some command to vote for a new map?

Oh, and if anyone needs a few extra kills, I’ll be the guy standing there, wondering why his SMG ran out of bullets.

Chet! Give us a map rotation please. k, thx.

Had a lot of fun tonight. I didn’t think we’d get enough people but 8v8 or so works out just fine.

Great games, some really great battles back and forth on anzio.

Lovely scene of me and someone else trying to take the bridge, both seeing a grenade roll in, realizing no time to do anything, bridge lost…

I will fix the rotation etc tonight when i get home.

8pm PST tomorrow & sunday night as well for those who missed it tonight.


I’m going in the server right now if anyone wants to join… :D

you shouldve logged in an hour earlier, nut. goood times!

My timing was way off and I slept for 7 hours instead of 5 so I missed it. I’ll be sure to play tomorrow though… After all… you wouldn’t want miss out on this would you? (This was just now. Great game )

Anzio was pretty great - I think there were three or four times one side had 4/5 only to lose the match. I like how there’s so much give and take on anzio - having two points on the map that require 2 players to cap seems to keep everything fluid.

Hey what is “choke” in the FPS net graph?