Pocket PC Phones

Alright, my current cell phone sucks, so I’m looking to replace it with a Samsung i700. Looks really cool, but I’m kind of operating in the dark here, other than “SDIO = wifi or bluetooth, which is good.”

Any advice?

Try before you buy.

I have yet to see a Pocket PC phone that didn’t come across as a Pocket PC running a phone program, rather than a true “combo” device. They’re too big, and awkward to use. And Microsoft’s new Smartphones – got one today from them - are nice and small, but (1) they run a different version of the OS and a unique screen res, so they need their own software, and (2) they use the keypad for input. (Blech!)

I use a Kyocera 7135. Not as powerful (it’s based off last year’s Palm technology), but lets me do email, browse the web, at at 3G speeds, and it has an optional laptop-size folding keyboard for use on the road. Best of all, it’s like a Startac that’s eaten too many twinkies – fits in the pocket.

The i700 doesn’t even have a screen cover, so you can’t carry it in a big pocket. You have to use a case. Lame.

The most promising phone in the works is the Samsung SGH-I500:

Small, hi-res screen, Palm OS 5 with a fast ARM processor. Won’t be out till later in the year, though.

Anyway, the i700 isn’t a bad device, but consider convenience along with pure specs. Personally I like having real phone keys for dialing.

I never dial anyone, it’s always calling my hotlist. I have no idea where I could find a copy to test it; it’s like a month old.

I don’t think the i700 is shipping yet. But when it does, you’ll be able to try them at Sprint stores, I believe.

It’s on verizon’s website, and people are talking about getting 'em on USENET. Maybe I’ll see if they’ll do a 30 day return or something…

Edit: 15 day money-back, so I’ll try it out.