Pocket PC software

I finally got around to going through my pocket pc software bookmarks today.

Jesus christ, what a mess. It’s like taking a time machine back to 1995 and hunting for 9x freeware. Golf score apps! Window managers for $70!

Does anyone have cool stuff they can recommend?

For PPC games, I’m a big fan of Popcap.

Jason, what kind of software are you looking for?

Beats me; random nifty utilities for it? I’m just amazed that the software databases for it have so much stuff that I don’t want.

Off the top of my head: a replacement for the crap pocketIE would be nice.

Thunderhawk is a great one to replace IE, but kinda slow and it costs (they run the stuff thru a proxy server, and reformat for the screen).

Each and every page? Wow, that’s impressive. What would they do with a page like this board? I mean, would I just scroll a lot, or would they reformat it so I can actually use it on a smaller screen?

[li] Replace anything by Brian Koontz with “Blah, blah, blah.”
[/li][li] Replace anything by Kitsune over 2kb with “Insightful blah, blah, blah that you want to read, but don’t have time to. Eyes back on the road, Mario.”
[/li][li] Replace everything in Movies with “F*ck Star Wars” (It’s a family oriented proxy.)
[/li][li] Replaces everything in P&R with Derek’s dead dino pic.

But other than that, it’s pretty much the same.

Heh. I should probably get one. I’d be able to reclaim all my lost time in P&R.

Here’s what I have on my Pocket PC. The caveat is that I don’t really use mine much these days and haven’t really been actively seeking out new software of the last six months.

uBook - best eBook program out there. Can reformat just about any type of document into a palatable ebook.

eWallet - an encrypted PPC wallet for bank info, credit card numbers, or anything else you want to store in it. You have to type a pin number into it to access the information.

Listpro - Just a simple list ticking program. Great for shopping and to-do lists and remembers previous entries so all you have to do is unhide them and untick them if you want to put them on your current list.

Resco File Explorer - Replacement for the crappy built in File Explorer to make it a lot more navigable and feature rich.

Calligrapher - Beefed up and much more accurate version of the handwriting recognizer in WM2003.

Textmaker - An absolutely phenomenal replacement for crappy PocketWord, has all of the features of MS Word 95.

Planmaker - Same thing as Textmaker, but for Excel.

Pocket Informant. A much better PIM, fully-featured than the default one.
Looks a hell of a lot better too.

PocketMVP - Great video and audio player for your Pocket PC.

Vito Button Mapper - Pretty simple program that allows me to launch more than one program per hardware button. There’s a free version.

Journalbar - Today screen plugin that displays the weather, scrolls newsfeeds, gives movie times, reviews, etc.

Pocketfeed - A simple but good pocket XML/RSS newsfeed reader.

A lot of eye-candy tweaks.

And, of course, some games. You’ll have to search for these on your own, I’m sick of doing it… (edit: changed my mind)

Nethack for the Pocket PC


PocketQuake - sort of mindblowing how well this runs.

An assload of Popcap games - Diamond Mine, Dinomite, Mummy Maze, Candy Train, Seven Seas.

Age of Empires

Warlords 2

Morphgear (NES/SMS/TG16/SNES/GEN/GB/GBC/GBA emulator for Pocket PC)

Tower Mogul (sort of like Sim Tower for the Pocket PC)

Tennis Addict (Virtua Tennis for the Pocket PC. Control is done by drawing lines and angles with the stylus and is surprisngly versatile and intuitive)

Baseball Addict - I blow at this game.

Emperor’s Mahjonng (probably my favorite Pocket PC game. My Mom’s too!)

PocketSCUMM (for playing all the old Lucasarts SCUMM games on my Pocket PC)

Snails - Really well-done Worms clone.

I’m sure someone like Denny A. could put together a much better list. This is a pretty good list as well. The best way to find out what is going on in the Pocket PC development scene is just to read the news sites… I don’t visit many besides Pocket PC Thoughts and Pocket Gamer anymore, though.

Each and every page? Wow, that’s impressive. What would they do with a page like this board? I mean, would I just scroll a lot, or would they reformat it so I can actually use it on a smaller screen?[/quote]
They actually reformat it to work landscape-style on a PPC. I have a Dell Axim X5 (the first one that came out), and it is pretty impressive; the fonts are small but very readable, and it keeps the formatting of the page (one screen wide, but scrolling down)

And I second Crypt’s picks, particulary Pocket Informant and eWallet. Both very good programs, PI in particular.

Thanks for the list.

Well, that four word reply certainly validated the hour I spent writing that list up for you.

Jason is forced to take a quantity-over-quality approach to posting in order to maintain his coveted title.

Oh glorious Dr. Crypt, I do hereby praise you for your ineffable wisdom and helping of those in need. Also, calling Brian Koontz a bitch.

Anyone find a good freeware replacement for the atrocious note taking programs PPC’s have by default? How hard can it be to make a notepad that just lets me scribble notes without it helpfully reformatting drawings into text and moving ‘image objects’ around randomly and on top of other things? Score one for Palm here.

There was PhatPad, but i didn’t want to spend 20$ on it if i could find something cheaper, better, or free.

Calligrapher is some kind of miracle application; I no longer incessantly curse at the recognition. Thanks again.

Hey, that’s a great list Dr Crypt. I got a PocketPC for work for actually useful things that don’t involve taking notes.

I found: http://www.cam.com/windowsce.html, which has various network utilities, which are dang useful.

I’ve also found that writing C# code for a PocketPC is very easy.