Pocket PC software

Okay–I am now the proud owner of a shiny new Dell Axim (thanks for the advice, Denny!). Anyone out there have recommendations for must-have software applications? I’m a longtime Palm user, so all this Pocket PC stuff is new to me. I’m enjoying just wading right into it all, but if anyone wants to give me some pointers, feel free.

You know, in case there are any people who browse these boards who are opinionated about computer software.

I’ve heard good things about the VNC viewer for Pocket PC.

I too purchased myself a Dell Axim and a 128 meg SD card for Christmas (Denny, a Christmas package filled with lukewarm, translucent fluid is soggily in transit to your doorstep by way of your friendly neighborhood mail-man, whom will be me in disguise). This is the software I like so far:

OxfordCE - complete OED and thesaurus on PDA. For a constant pub reader of Victorian essays such as myself, not to mention a writer, this is invaluable, although I don’t particularly like the interface.

Ilium Software’s EWallet - a customizable database to record all of your credit cards, ATM cards, bank accounts, passwords, identification, passports, etc. I tried a couple other versions, including PocketWallet, but this is the best one I tried.

Ilium Software’s Listpro - Pretty simple database for making shopping lists, but I’m someone who always has scraps of paper in his pocket for subjects or words I want to look-up when I get home, CDs I want to research, books I want to buy, tobaccos I want to try and liquor I need to drink, so this is a godsend.

PocketInformant - A vastly more advanced address list / task manager / calendar for PocketPC. I haven’t entirely figured it out, but it is still syncable with Outlook, but allows linking (such as, linking a phone number or file with a task) and hierarchy of tasks. Pretty cool.

Battery Pack 2003 - This is pretty neat. Not only does it offer at-a-glance information on battery usage (including time remaining), disk, memory and SD card capacity on your Today screen, but it also allows you to put every single program icon on your Today screen in an easy to use scroll bar. It isn’t nearly as cluttered as it sounds. A great usability program, much better than the Home feature.

Microsoft Pocket Streets, if you are in America - really great map program. I was able to enter a strange neighborhood in the Boston area, do a search for ATMs, and find one within two seconds. Absolutely useless back in Ireland.

SuperMemo CE version 2.01 - “Flashcard program”. Great for linguophiles like myself.

Ziosoft’s Age of Empires Gold - The PocketPC port games I’ve tried so far all seem to have interface problems associated with the size of the screen and the lack of input buttons. Ultima Underworld is almost impossible to play, I find. This one doesn’t. If you liked the original game or aren’t played out with it, this is a great game for just a pick-up random scenario map on a bus or something.

Monkeystone Games Hyper Space Delivery Boy - I dig this throwback to old SNES adventure games, and I admire John Romero for learning a lesson and wanting something simpler and more low key after the Daikatana debacle. Tom Hall’s humor is all over the place, too.

Come on, Denny, add some recommendations!

Excellent recommendations, thanks! For others who are looking, here is some cool stuff I found:

If you don’t want to go with MS Streets, Mapopolis also makes a really good (and cheap) map program. I believe it’s US and Canada only, though. But the map of LA is outstanding.

If you like chess, I found PocketGM Light to be a great value–a terrific chess program, but not very expensive.

Still trying out lots of other stuff, so I’ll post more if I find more.

Here’s some more:

Calligrapher Calligrapher Calligrapher. Don’t muss around with Letter Recognizer that comes with the Axim - the stinky George Murisan to Calligrapher’s Michael Jordan, if Murisan were hobbled, rolled in glass and set on fire before the slam-dunk competition. An average afternoon trying to write in Letter Recognizer results in an apocalypse of q’s and question marks, where as Calligrapher immediately recognizes my incomprehensible-even-to-me scrawl and translates it with about a 1 percent error rate. It doesn’t handle accented characters, which makes writing in French difficult, but Phatware sells language packs to correct this.

TextMaker - full-featured word processor for the Pocket PC. Unlike Pocket Word, it is capable of understanding almost all functions of a document file, instead of stripping out all the headers and tables it doesn’t understand.

WinHack for Pocket PCs - I love Nethack.

DopeWars for the Pocket PC. Run, crackerz, run!

Pocket TV.

Age of Empires.

Netfront web browser (can be set to wrap to fit the screen, so you don’t have to side scroll as you do with Pocket IE)

TextMaker (finally, someone comes up with a better replacement for the abysmal Pocket Word).