Podcast recommendation: My Year in Mensa

Listened to this, four short episodes and I enjoyed it.

Not my review:

Jamie Loftus is a treasure.

Spoiler: Mensa’s FB group is full of right-wing MAGA trash.

I listened to it this morning. It’s a horrible podcast, it’s very scattered and has all these unnecessary sound effects, but it is an interesting subject. Not surprised by it though, everyone I have met who is a Mensa member was a bit eccentric and/or an ass. They also like to tell people they are Mensa members.

I tried to find out more about Firehouse, but there isn’t much out there besides some Reddit threads saying what a horrible place it is with the occasional reply saying how nice the people are in person.

I found it interesting in terms of finding out about the clique’s at the annual meeting. I too was disappointed beyond the 3 days of confrontation there that there wasn’t anything else revealed about the year-long Firehouse “discourse.” It succeeded as anecdotal podcast for me and failed on informational basis about Mensa.

The 2018 Mensa event she refers to briefly is this, I believe:

Her sources have more info than the 4 articles she wrote for Paste or the short podcast:


Is there a reason for all the sound effects, air horns, etc? I wound up skipping the last bit of the first episode as I’ve listened to radiolab’s G podcast which was far more clearly laid out.

This comes across very rambling story that I want to like (because the subject material could be interesting) but instead it’s about her, not Mensa.

It sounds like firehouse isn’t representative of Mensa at all, so it might as well be “there are mean people in /r/Donald and I am shocked “

She cleans it up more after the 1st episode, less sound effects and jumping around, but yeah, it is about her battle with them. My main take away is that Mensa allows this stuff in an official Facebook group and it’s not a good look. Just looking at the Reddit threads, new members do seem to be put off by it. If I joined any group and saw behavior like that, I know I would be second guessing my decision to join.

I was in Mensa for a few years and the amount of right-wing MAGA shit on their FB groups is extremely off-putting. I thought smart people leaned more left, but when in actuality I think most Mensa members are well above my age (I’m 44) and uh… apparently love Fox News. I was in for 2 years and didn’t renew since. I’d love to have some sort of group for smart people to have intelligent discourse, but Mensa’s current membership ranks is not it.

Only goes to show how “limited” IQ testing is in gauging real intelligence.