Podcast recording software for Mac

Let’s say there’s three guys who do a podcast. One of them – the guy doing the actual recording – is moving from a Windows to a Mac. What should he use for podcast recording?

Needs and limitations:

– They are remote collaborators. Currently, they share a 3-person Skype call and use software that records Skype. The podcast recording software should support the remote collaboration and (ideally) work with their current Skype workflow.
– They need a way to mix in audio files (e.g., music) in real-time.
– The resulting podcast will be edited in post either by the same guy who records or one of the other guys.
– The podcast will go to the Web as mp3 and to the Apple store, so the software should speak those natively.
– All three are on different machines and platforms, and are unlikely to switch away from Skype to whatever recording software. So, only the guy doing the recording should have to use something new; the other two should be allowed to keep doing what they’re doing unless there’s something vastly better, more reliable, just as easy to use, and just as free (see below).
– They don’t get paid, so the software can’t be super expensive.

Currently, they use Pamela to mix the music into the Skype call, two copies of some free mp3 recorder for recording and backup recording, and Audacity for post.

Suggestions welcome!

Hopefully there are folks here who use Macs for podcasts, and can fill in the blanks, but I’ve always heard Garageband is the simplest method.

This guy summarizes a few similar tutorials into a fairly easy how-to:

To simply record Skype calls, this is probably simpler, but the audio won’t be as good. However, it may be just as good as Pamela has been! http://www.ecamm.com/mac/callrecorder/

Okay, so I’ve been mucking around with this all afternoon and it’s kinda a pain in the arse. I ended up using both instances of SoundFlower with three instances of LineIn and Skype Call Recorder.

– iTunes and all other system sounds output to SoundFlower (64ch).
– LineIn 1 routes mic to SoundFlower (2ch).
– LineIn 2 routes SoundFlower (64ch) to SoundFlower (2ch) – mixing the iTunes with the mic.
– Skype uses SoundFlower (2ch) as its input.
– Skype outputs to SoundFlower (64ch).
– LineIn 3 routes SoundFlower (64ch) to Headphones – looping back the system audio, plus the Skype audio, to the podcaster.

The other problem is that the headphones’ USB adapter makes the headphones have a persistent hissing noise (it’s not transmitted, so it’s just annoying).

I’ve got to say that Call Recorder is a finicky little tool. And there’s got to be an easier hardware solution.

It’s been a while but I used to use Hijack from Rogue Amoeba. https://www.rogueamoeba.com/audiohijackpro/