Point Break remake - Gerard Butler instead of Swayze

A Point Break remake starring Gerard Butler in the Patrick Swayze role? Ugh.

Ericson Core, director of Invincible, is set to helm this one. No word on who gets to fill Keanu’s wetsuit.

As much as I adore Gerard Butler, I have a very hard time seeing him in this particular role.

Unless it’s about a band of Scottish surfers, then I might be okay with it.

This is madness!

Sigh, these retread projects need to fail. Did the Footloose remake actually make money?

Also, I had no idea Point Break was directed by Kathryn Bigelow. Interesting trivia.

all I can say about this is WHOA!

I don’t see the Point Break room at my favorite pinball arcade updating the decor anytime soon…

Well, I think it’s partially because Butler has surfing experience, up to the point where he almost died at Mavericks. Making a movie. And he’s fit. So, in a few ways, more qualified than a lot of other people in doing such a thing. And he can pass off his more gruff voice for an American accent just fine.

— Alan

I agree, if by “pass off his more gruff voice for an American accent”, you mean someone can listen to him and think, “why does that guy talk kind of funny but, oh my, isn’t he dreamy and look at those abs…”


So why not just let Keanu do it again?

Why not let Keanu do Swayze’s role?

Boom! I’d be there day one!



This is what would get me to see it. Just have Keanu play the exact same role. He looks pretty much exactly the same now anyway.

Cause I actually I don’t think he wants to.

— Alan

He needs to at least do a cameo so he can so his signature line.

If Keanu took over Swayze’s role they may as well just update it as a 20 odd year sequel. Disavowed FBI agent quits and returns to nature always seeking the next big wave and plagued by visions of his old mentor Bodhi (something that is only in Keanu’s mind and never on screen). He decides to pursue Bodhi by becoming Bodhi raising his own team and pulling off heists. I’m sure in keeping up with updated political correctness the fresh out of the accademy junior agent sent after him would be someone just like Keanu but female, maybe Kristen Stewart.


A Christmas release? And no actors anyone has ever heard of? Luke “Who?” Bracey as Keau Reeves and Edgar “Seriously, who?” Ramirez as Patrick Swayze? This is going to tank hard.


That poster looks so terrible you’d think it was made for the (non-existing) Asylum rip-off of the real thing.