Pokemon: Ruby

Games addictive as these should be criminal.

Agreed. I loved that game. Even got a chance to play a couple of rounds of poke-battles with Matt G at E3. (He mostly whupped me, but it was still fun.) Amusingly, while we were playing, Pokemon was on the TV. The whole room burst out laughing when one of the kids screamed “METAPOD! GET HARD!”

I agree, these games are fabulous (as is the GBC version of the Pokemon CCG).

It’s too bad a lot of “real gamers” completely passed them by because of the stigma associated with Pokemon as a kiddie game. I admit it’s tuned a bit on the easy side, but still pretty fantastically addictive. I wish they’d make a real version for a real console, though my GB Player will have to suffice for now… :)