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Anyone been following the news about JJProdigy and ZeeJustin being nailed for playing multiple accounts in multi-table tournaments and having $100,000+ seized by Party Poker, and in ZeeJustin’s case, having a small amount seized by Pokerstars? (JJProdigy also had his accounts closed for being 16 years old).

I don’t know if anyone here is into poker as much as I am, and follows this stuff (and plays Poker!) to the extent I do.

(if you don’t and are curious, check out the 2+2, Neverwin, or fullcontactpoker forums).

I have been. Fun stuff to watch. ZeeJustin’s apology on 2+2 was craptacular.

Would you be so kind as to link to that. I post on 2+2 but haven’t seen the thread.

Wow, I remember bringing this up (multiple accounts, not this specific pair of people) over beer.

ZJ’s halfassed pseudo apology

That thread is like 300 replies from beating the OOT myspace chick thread.

Oh, and personally JJ’s apology was worse because of the prior absurd lie about his grandmother and the pocket5s forum fanboy cadre.

Wouldn’t this qualify as wire fraud?

Do people who are engaging in what could be considered illegal activity want to press charges for wire fraud? It’s like people who call the cops asking them to help find the crook that stole the marajuana.

Online poker’s illegal now? Wha?

I know absolutely nothing about the realm of online gambling, but I didn’t think it was illegal.

It’s a big fuzzy gray area involving international Internet commerce transactions. Lawmakers have traditionally tried to indirectly limit it by placing restrictions on how U.S. funds get transferred to the gaming sites. For example, 95% of U.S. credit cards won’t authorize a purchase to a poker site. Television advertisements will refer you to a play money site that often ends in a *.net address. The site that allows real-money wagers usually ends in *.com (e.g., PartyPoker does this).

So many states have legalized casinos now in some form that I hope lawmakers approach this realistically and regulate internet gambling, rather than criminalize it.

I believe there’s a bill in congress gaining strength to outlaw all online gambling for people in the US to any site, offshore or domestic. Don’t have a reference offhand, though.

Ben posted a link to it in P&R. I’ve been playing poker online for 5 years now; about every 18 months the poker forums buzz because a bill is introduced. To my knowledge, they’ve never gone anywhere.

Maybe this time will be different, because Abramoff used to lobby against increased gambling regulations, and lawmakers may want to set an example.

In other news, the WSOP game from Activision blows chunks.

Ya, it really really does. The WPT one is better, but still bad.

I prefer playing online, but sometimes it’s just nice to beat up on dumb AI, instead of dumb fish.

I’ve just never understood why people even play poker computer games – why not just go online and play (for free, if you want) the actual game. It’s easier and the actual game.

In other poker news - anyone been watching High Stakes Poker on GSN (or by torrent)? I think it’s the best poker show ever, frankly, since high stakes cash games are really the “purest” poker playing.

Another thing about the JJProdigy fiasco – one of the most amazing things was that he turned out to be 16! He won the August TLB at Pokerstars in probably the most contested month ever, because of the Gigabet/El Capitano bet, beating a whole team of professionals who were playing around the clock.

Desslock- Doesn’t the Stars TLB only account for your top N finishes? There are only so many high buyin big field events.

It took me a loooong time to find the explanation, the link above didn’t seem to go to the right place.

I seriously doubt the first portion of his explanation where he claims that he tried to ‘negate his unethical advantage’. That just doesn’t happen when people are trying to make money after already having broken some rules.

Yeah, for a month I think it’s top 30. They were playing EVERY MTT in every type of poker, around the clock – even $1 buyins, since you could get decent TLB because of the sheer number of entries.

Huh, when I click on the link it goes to the right page. Must be an issue with 2+2 remembering my settings.

You linked to page 15, but it appears on page, er… 36(?) for me. I feel somewhat soiled for having to read approximately 20 pages of drivel to get to his rather shoddy and equivocal mea culpa.