Poker Quest is one of a kind

Wasn’t this the name of an iOS game?

A different game, I believe, but yes

Sorry I’m thinking of the well regarded (and lost to 32 but ios) sword & poker titles!

Really cool changes in the patch today addressing one of my gripes with the game, the length. Now you can choose to end a run after each boss. An excerpt from the patch notes:

  • NEW FEATURE: Claim Victory & Raise The Stakes
    • After each world, you now have the option to Claim Victory or Raise the Stakes.
    • “Claim Victory” to end the run early, and get bonus Score & XP.
    • Or “Raise the Stakes”, and keep playing, which increases the bonus XP if you Claim Victory after the next boss fight.
    • Getting through World 1 is “Victory”, World 2 is “Victory+”, and so on.
    • We believe these new victory rankings more accurately represent the challenge involved in achieving them.
    • Those of you who previously achieved the old “Victory” status have actually been achieving “Victory+++” without knowing it.
    • Due to overwhelming demand from players, we shortened the length of the complete game (assuming you always want to Raise the Stakes).
    • The final boss is now at world 4-1, immediately after the campsite, which shortens the full game by about 25%.
    • The rest of world 4 (after the final boss) is an optional series of boss fights that rapidly scale up.
    • After each fight in World 4, you have the option to Claim Victory, or gamble on the next fight for a higher

This released out of EA in the last week. Haven’t played in quite some time.