Polar - Mads Mikkelsen is The Black Kaiser



So…John Wick, but the dog is a girl and John has an accent.

I’m onboard.


Yeah, I can do that.

Why do I kinda love Mads Mikkelson? Fucked if I know where I’ve even seen him. Presumably is some crazy Viking mojo. Whatever, I’m not even mad about it.


His portrayal of Hannibal is perhaps my favorite role / actor pairing of all time. So goddamn good.


Reviews are mixed, but I really liked it.


Oh sweet, I’ll check that out. Thanks for the recommendation!


So this is an unholy meld of RED and John Wick, with maybe a little History of Violence thrown in?

Sounds fine.


Well, he had a weepy eye and tortured Daniel Crag in Casino Royale, is where I know him best from.


Don’t sleep on Hannibal the TV show. Mads is the best Hannibal Lecter.


Yes, Hannibal is brilliant and even the last season which begins in sleep inducing way eventually becomes great.

Mads channeling his inner Liam Neeson is exactly what I hoped he would do so I am totally on board here. It is directed by Jonas Akerlund who was in classic swedish metal band Bathory and did shit ton of music videos.

Mads was also brilliant in Hunt (Jagten), Salvation, Royal Affair, After the Wedding, Adam’s Apples…can recommend all of them.


Oh yes, that movie was incredibly atmospheric.
But certainly not a movie for everyone or at any time. It is a slow movie that you have to be in an open mindset for, which just isn’t possible all the time.


Not to be confused with his other polar film Arctic. Both of these look awesome.