Police Chief Goes "Jackass" for Tasers

Chief Constable allows himself to be tasered

All in an attempt to persuade the Home Office they should be standard issue to UK police which would have made the Edinburgh shenanigans a lot more entertaining on the TV last night. “Coming up, watch 1,000 Anarchists twitch”.

Doesn’t look like the home office is convinced:

However, a Home Office spokeswoman said the policy of not generally arming police officers gave “a character to our policing that we should not readily give up”.

She said: “Safe as it is, there is no doubt Taser is an aggressive response and the government believes it should only be used in strictly controlled conditions.”

I’m not sure what I make of it to be honest. I don’t want an armed police force but we don’t seem to be doing too much to redress the balance of force in their favour, it took years to replace the Truncheon with a nightstick type affair and it still looks a lot smaller than the US version.

My concern with them is that their ‘non lethal, no big deal’ aura makes them much, much more likely to be mis-used.Same with that other gun from a while back that could make a crowd of protesters feel like they were on fire.