Police Intimidation regarding complaint forms

Here is a story showing what happened when a repporter tried to ask police officers for a complaint form. The worst response involved an officer threatening the petitioner with a gun. Only 3 out of 38 police stations queried had formal complaint forms.

Translation: Attention letter-writing fascists, our bases are now officially covered.

So what was the Police response to that story? It’s two weeks old.

Reading those transcripts is scary. In many of the situations, it seems like the officers are trying to set the tester up. Lots of intimidation and very little willingness to help.

If you want the police to respond to this story, you’re going to have to fill out a complaint form.

Criticism of our brave policemen only provides aid and comfort to the darkies.

Dude its fucking Florida what do you people expect?

Perhaps police stations aren’t the best place to host police complaint forms. Maybe city halls, fire stations, schools, post offices, and other governmental properties should host them instead.

To not die for asking a question and trying to follow it up.

The problem they have is that they have to follow up on every formal complaint they get. If they leave the forms somewhere or let regular joes fill them out, invariably, some joker or shithead is going to fill out a ton of them.

They should have someone to guide people through the process and ask the right questions, it probably should not be someone who identifies themself as a police officer. That’s just as dumb as having convicts in charge of the forms.

The investigative journalism does turn up some right proper cunts, but it also seems to hyperventilate like an allergic at a Georgia birthday party. A lot of the departments probably don’t have forms because you sit there and talk and the officer takes a statement, and they review it and go from there. An officer or anyone familiar with law enforcement can be the bulwark against scribbled meandering manifestos against our current populist oligarchy. But only you can prevent forest fires.

Logically reasonable, factually empty:

“Your job is to explain how you take the complaint and make no judgement, even though you may say, this person looks like they just dropped in from Mars”, said Timoney, “That’s not your job.”


Careful, man, there’s a strict policing of “provincial bigotry” in effect, even when something stupid happens. I know there’s got to be at least one aggrieved Floridian, or at least one of you who is willing to be aggrieved on his behalf.

Go ahead and try it your way, see what kind of complaints get filed when people like me can send them in anonymously.

Right. That’s why large cities have easy to get complaint forms in multiple languages and small towns don’t. Because of all of the griefers in small towns.

Edited quote for correctness.

Just for curiosity’s sake, do you have any idea what in the fuck is wrong with you? I mean, has there been an official diagnosis, or something?

And the police would respond to an anonymous complaint . . . how? That’s like filing an anonymous lawsuit.

Anyway, it wasn’t “my way”, I was just pointing out that the quoted authority for the police departments in the article contradicted your theory, rendering it invalid in this context.


I think if you are going to file a complaint against the police, you are entitled to have someone there to help you express yourself properly and coherently on the form. I think that providing an understanding person and some face time will also screen out some of the bullshit complaints that I am sure they endure.

Reasonable, but there’s a fine line between “providing assistance and screening out nuisance complaints” and “intimidating folks to reduce or eliminate complaints.” In that article, it sounds like some of the officers toe that line, others cross it.

Edited quote for correctness.[/QUOTE]
Thanks for clearing that up for me. I’m sure everyone here appreciates you not only shitting your pants in front of us but waving your drawers around like you won a prize.

Do you feel better now that you got to use a racial slur?