Political rant of the day, the conservative strawman

So the Republicans have it down. Liberals and Democrats spend all their time debating Coulter, Limbaugh and Hannity while the people with the actual political power do whatever they want without serious debate. Limbaugh and O’Reilly spend their afternoons making slightly racist comments that take up valuable airtime that could be used to debate real problems like torture, the CIA listening into your phone conversations and why Ted Kennedy is on the FAA warning list to get extra scrutiny in airports.

I would like to introduce-the liberal strawman.

We need some spokesmen and women who can say inflamatory things like the tax bracket at the top should be in the 70% range so that we could fund birth control for all teenagers and use the rest of the money to fly poor immigrants into the country. We could say that if President Bush would admit he’s gay for Alberto Gonzales and come out of the closet he would probably be a much more effective leader. If Cheney would smoke a little more weed than he obviously does than he would probably be able to relax a little and maybe it would help with that weird tick/sneer thing he’s got going on.

Maybe if we could get Fox news to play commentary of the liberal media saying things like that all day the actual politicians could actually do some cool stuff like balance the budget, get troops out of Iraq and get some kids some healthcare.

Pretty much anyone from Air America?

I nominate yurislave. Also, I think liberal Americans need their own large profile torture proponents and war proponents. To hunt monsters you must become them, right?

If any group could do it, it’d be the Animal Liberation Front.

Wow, if you actually believe there aren’t liberals saying fringe kookie inflammatory things I guess you’re not paying attention enough.

Or more likely, you just agree with them so they don’t rile you up.

Link, bob! Link! Or disappear as usual! Either’s fine!!!

There are no real liberal analogues to Limbaugh, O’Reilly or Coulter. Liberals ignore that particular part of the fringe.

Wow, Bob’s really just mailing it in these days, isn’t he?

Oh what the hell:

Kill all those fucking heteros!

There are plenty of extremists on the left, but they’re not given the prominent place in public discourse by the media that Coulter & Limbaugh & the like are. The problem with Coulter isn’t that people with views like hers exist; you can easily find real-world counterparts in a random bar or bus station… the problem is that she’s made into part of what should be the “serious conversation” at the centre of major public debates.

Breeders. They’re called breeders.

Hey, don’t drag Kim & Kelley Deal into this.

Aeon’s a mole! Guards, seize him!

Coulter: I think she could be easily minimized/ignored if the media, etc. would simply not give her any courage. I’m a news/politics junkie, had to add an HD to my DVR box because of all of the political stuff I record from all the satellite channels, and the only time I ever see her is when someone is giving her attention on some incredibly stupid comment she’s made that even real conservatives think is ludicrous.

Limbaugh: again, he gets a ton of attention when the Democrats/liberals complain about him on the House floor, on talk shows, etc.

I think the country really needs (not mandated!) a good liberal Limbaugh. I listen to various liberal radio talk shows here and there, but none of them are frankly as good at what they do as Rush is at what he does. You may hate Rush with a passion, but he is far better at the kind of show that he puts on than Hannity, O’Reilly, etc. on the conservative side or anyone on the liberal side. It’s a mistake to think the only reason he is successful is because there are millions of idiot mouth breathers with no jobs listening to him.

I had hope back when Mario Cuomo had a radio show, but he was SOOO dry and let listeners drag him into the most boring topics, etc. What the country needs is a really good showman/entertainer liberal talk show host. I think it would be outstanding to have, say, someone like James Carville with such a show. That would be outstanding - Limbaugh vs. Carville on the airwaves.

So why exactly doesn’t Moore fit the bill here? I figured this thread was over after Lum’s #2 post.

Moore’s not quite the same thing as Coulter or Limbaugh. He shows up every year or two, makes a huge impact, and then disappears again. We need someone to act like an ass every single day! :)

You know, the more I think about it, the more I like the idea of a James Carville show. Like Limbaugh, he can be a total arrogant ass, but in a very entertaining way. He’s a showman, and his show would be anything but dry and boring.

Hellooooooooooooo!!! Isn’t it about time we gave out condoms in 3rd grade? We need to stop the war on drugs and legalize meth. Abortion pills should be available at 7-11. I say we open the border and let any Meskin come in and stay as long as they want without paying taxes. After all, they do jobs most Americans won’t. Etc etc etc

Holy Shit! I think Midnight Son has found his true calling!

I’m willing to invest to get you a radio show. You’d be perfect!