[Poll] Star Trek: Discovery vs. Orville


In this latest generation of Trek, which show deserves an audience?

  • Star Trek: Discovery
  • Orville
  • Neither

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Or am I comparing apples to oranges? I haven’t seen any of Orville yet so I don’t know if it’s really comparable.




Mainly, I’m not so much voting for Discovery as I am against Orville.


I’ll probably watch one or the other, but not both at the same time, so I’d like to see which comes out as #1.


Voted Orville, as I haven’t decided if I want to pay extra to get Discovery on CBS Access.


Due solely to the CBS All Access crap that Discovery is stuck with, I went with Orville. But “both” is my real preference.


Same as the two votes above me: I prefer both, but only watched the pilot of Discovery (which I enjoyed), but can regularly watch and enjoy Orville, so I voted for that.


I’m assuming that folks voting for Orville are mainly just annoyed at the prospect of paying for CBS Access. Because why you would choose cheap knock-off Trek when you could have, you know, Star Trek, is beyond me.


The shows are extraordinarily different from one another, and can coexist in one’s viewing habits. Just expect very different things from each, and you won’t be let down.


The thing is that the new “Star Trek” we are presented with doesn’t have much in common with the old ‘Star Trek’. Apart from the logo & a overly forced inclusion of Sarek, there’s not much there that links to the familiar.

They obviously have a bigger budget than Orville, but grimdark dutch angles with lensflares doesn’t do much for me. Whereas the Orville feels a lot more like the ST of old with some jokes thrown in.


Except that this particular poll has no “both” option, it’s one or the other. So choosing Orville excludes Discovery. And a bunch of people are choosing Orville for reasons that, as I mentioned, completely escape me.


Orville is a better show, so far. You should try it if you haven’t.


I haven’t, and I’m pretty sure I won’t. I will note that I keep up with Orville’s thread and try to keep myself an opening for changing my mind. But so far even the most positive opinions say something like “Eh, it’s ok, but the humor is really off” or “Hopefully it will get better.” Not the most ringing endorsements.


You really should - especially if you liked the tone of STTNG. That’s the show it’s closest to.


I think you’re handing yourself the same false dilemma this poll does, unless it’s just a time crunch issue. Orville is good.


Nah, my dilemma isn’t making this a binary choice, it’s that I can’t fucking stand Seth MacFarlane. Hey wait, that’s not a dilemma at all!


Don’t watch it. You’re so biased against it there’s no way you’ll enjoy it. Not trying to be a dick, I’ve just been in the exact same way you are right now.


We could just all say that the neither option means both and neither people don’t need to vote?


This is where I’m at too. Maybe I should have made the poll “is Orville good enough that it’s watchable even with Seth MacFarlane in it”.


Just keep in mind that if you watch Orville, you’re watching a show put out by a guy who in his last show regularly repeated racist crap, sometimes with a thin veneer of being “ironic” sometimes not bothering.

Here’s a small sampling, but there’s a lot more where this came from:

So pretty much the exact opposite of what Star Trek TOS attempted to do by humanize people from all races and portray a future society where all humans get along and respect each other.