[Poll] Star Trek: Discovery vs. Orville


Ha, you guys are showing me up. For once, everyone else is a beacon of positivity and I’m pissing on the good times. Well, I’m trying, Ringo, I’m trying real hard. I will work on getting past my seriously bad feelings toward, you know, that guy. And try to at least go in neutral.


I’m somewhat of a casual star trek fan, but…

Discovery looks potentially interesting (if albeit not as interesting as previous entries), i would probably check it out if it came to netflix (in USA), but i’m not paying for CBS all access whatever for it.

Orville is ok. I’ve watched the first two episodes and there haven’t been that many truly funny moments in it. Humor is subjective though so YMMV, but for me at least, most of the humor attempts have failed. Sometimes this has been intentional, but often not. This has actually been more of a serious star trek show than i thought it would be.

I’ll probably continue watching Orville, but i’d give it a 7 out of 10 AT BEST. It really feels like a star trek lite.


Orville for me, since I can’t watch Discovery until it release on itunes.


Ya, seriously.
You put a show only on your streaming service, and I ain’t watching it, CBS.


As far as I can tell their “service” offers nothing, like absolutely nothing, that I’d want to watch.


And you literally have to sign up with a credit card to use it?
Ya no.
I mean, christ. Get real.


I’m on iOS, I didn’t give them a Credit Card. I’m getting billed through Apple. I’d imagine the same thing happens on Android, PS4, or XBox One where a third party handles billing.

I signed up directly for the $9.99 no commercial option, so I can’t say for sure about what happens with the $5.99 option. But generally speaking this is how all these services work on iOS. I don’t think HBO, Hulu, or Starz has billing information on me.

They do all make you create an account and give them an email and password, which I thought was annoying, but the plus is, it does mean you can sign in on any device (i.e., I can signup on iOS, but then watch on my PS4 as well as my iPad).


I’m not interested in paying them money.


I don’t want to pay for yet another service either, but as I mentioned in the Discovery thread, my fear is that if this whole thing goes sideways the takeaway won’t be, “gee, maybe people don’t want to pay for yet another service” it will be, “well, guess people are tired of Star Trek.”


Well assuming it works the way it did with Hulu, the same thing happens with a 7 day free trial. You sign up with iOS/PS4/XBone you create a name and password, you don’t get charged and don’t give them your credit card. If you cancel through Apple or presumably Sony/Microsoft before the seven days are up, no charge.

Hulu gave me a free 7-day trial. That’s the way it worked for them.

Added bonus, it’s super easy to cancel. You just go to your list of automatic renewing subscriptions on Apple/Sony/Microsoft click on cancel, no discussion with CBS/Hulu/HBO etc, you’re out.


That’s why I’m hoping The Orville is a hit. It won’t be as easy to say “people are tired of Star Trek” if a Trek Clone does well.


Jesus Christ, if this ends up with Discovery canceled and Orville being a huge hit I’m probably just going to go sit in a corner and cry for about a week.


Since Discovery is on Netflix in the rest of the world, I think even if the US subscriptions to CBS All Access are low the show can continue if it proves to have good ratings on Netflix.


I am not sure that is motivation enough for CBS though. They are trying to leverage Star Trek’s popularity base to hedge their bet on a US based sub service. Foreign Netflix viewership is not likely going to be enough to save it. If it fails in the US, I’m guessing it gets yanked, regardless.


Preach, brother.


To let people know about this side of the experience:

I’ve done the $5.99 bit. There are brief ads at the start, twice in the middle, and then a block at the end. It’s not terrible, but the variety of ads is rather limited and I can alt tab/mute while they’re running. If I skip past a part of the show as it returns, I can scroll back and it doesn’t require me to re-watch the ads.


Well, it could be worse, as Orville is more like the Star Trek that I remember than Discovery is.


Sure, I mean I guess it could have Adam Sandler in it or something.


I’d totally watch it on Netflix.
I’m not signing up with CBS to watch it.


I think if you get cbs access through the amazon fire tv it just goes through Amazon’s payment?

I like both shows!