[Poll] Star Trek: Discovery vs. Orville


That … would make it worse. Yes, it most certainly would. Macfarlane’s character’s jokes fall flat pretty consistently for me, but they don’t make me want to throw things at the screen. I can’t say the same for Sandler’s.


Is everyone here going to pretend they wouldn’t love to see Rob Schneider in Deuce Bigalow: Space Gigolo?


I’ll be happy if I never see Rob Schneider ever again.


I think if CBS feels embarrassed or that their image has suffered due to failure in the US, they will just drop the show and not allow any more Trek to be made. It’s not a money issue, since Netflix would probably gladly continue the show if they controlled the license themselves. It’s license squatting on the part of CBS.


I hate this stupid poll for not having a “both” option. Because I hate the “versus” mentality of the Internet.

You know who wins if both The Orville and ST:Discovery get good as they get rolling and audiences embrace both? Fans.

Do you know how much harm one show does the other? None.

It’s not a “vs” because you don’t have to choose. I went from “Well, it’s not as bad as Family Guy, surprisingly” on The Orville to actually liking episodes 3 and 4. Discovery’s showing interesting potential as of Episode 3. I hope to end the season liking both.




I thought if I forced people to choose that a consensus might emerge. But it’s at 45% to 43% now, so I guess I was wrong. I will have to watch both.


If it is a tight race, I would propose watching the series that costs you the least amount of money or resources. I think for most of us, that is Orville. I would suggest coming back to Discovery later when you can pay for a single month, and watch the whole series at once.


Isn’t the cost of the CBS streaming the same as two cheese burgers? A month?


Yeah, but it adds up. Netflix is 2 value meals a month. Hulu is 2.5 value meals a month. SlingTV for my wife is 5 value meals a month. If you occasionally subscribe to Crunchyroll, that’s two value meals a month. HBO Now is 3 value meals a month. If you want to be a Plex Pass subscriber that’s another value meal a month. If you have Amazon Prime, that’s another 1.5 value meals a month. How about that new Disney streaming service that’s coming? Maybe another 2 value meals a month? Does CBS adding another 2 value meals a month starting to look expensive yet or not Razgon? :)

Still, overall I’m with you that these streaming services fracturing doesn’t bother me too much. I already only get Hulu 1 out of every four months. As long as you can micromanage all these services yourself, and say, well, this month Discovery is finished so I need to subscribe for a month. These two months the last season of Game of Thrones will be airing, so I need to subscribe for two months. This month the season will be ending so I need Hulu so I can catch up on Brooklyn Nine Nine. This month I need Netflix because Stranger Things season 2 is coming out. It might seem like it all adds up, but if you’re willing to micromanage which service you get each month and put the others on pause, most of us don’t have the time to be taking advantage of multiple services at the same time anyway.


Cheeseburgers are more important than CBS Access.



Different purchases in different categories valued differently, news at 11.


Screw the new CBS streaming service. I am not paying for another one.

And Orville is good. It is basically like getting new episodes of TNG every week, which is great. In general, I can’t stand Seth, but so far he’s fine in this.


Yes, but what about the cost to your soul? Nobody ever takes that into account.


We sold our when we watched Star Trek Enterprise (minus the last season) or saw any of the even number star trek movies.


That must be what they call “internalized racism”. When you yourself start repeating these stereotypes for cheap laughs, even among other “Asians”. I don’t do the “Asians are good at math” joke anymore. I realized what’s wrong with it. The model-minority thing is a divisive piece of shit.


I guess I look at it from my own point of view, where we used to pay for cable tv which was 63 dollars. I cut that away, and replaced it with Netflix (11 dollars) Hbo Nordic (Another 11 dollars) and Viaplay (Yet another 11 dollars). I still come out massively ahead, with a way better palette of things to watch.
I seem to remember a lot of people doing the same in the US, right? Cutting cable costs?

Other than that, yeah, sure, its yet another thing to pay for, but on its own merit, its rather cheap in my book.


There’s the value proposition of Netflix circa, say, 1.5 years ago (before some really egregious losses due to media companies being dicks, but after they’d really started to ramp up their in-house offerings properly) at $9/mo versus the commercial-ridden hellscape (CBS) that exists only to deliver me Star Trek at $6/mo. . . it’s not hard to see why people might consider the CBS offering a shitty deal :)


I’m looking at the shows here , and I see a massive amount of television for 6 dollars a month? I thought it was 9.95 by the way?
This is to me like Netflix is now, and with Star Trek on top of it? Is it a bad deal because those are available other places for free? Because they aren’t so in denmark.


Apologies; I’ll amend my listing:

CBS all access nets me Frasier re-runs and Star Trek for $6 (for the commercial-ridden package). Netflix nets me considerably more TV I am interested in watching.

Now, if someone really likes terrible CBS dramas and comedies, then the CBS package becomes far more useful. But there’s just nothing there I like :-/