Poll: Voter turn-out

What do you think national voter turn-out will be?

In the middle of the day, I just spent 2.5 hours standing in line to vote. God knows what it’ll be like when people get out of work.

Will polls close with people already in line?

Many places around here will take anyone still in line inside at the official closing time and then lock the doors, allowing those now inside to get their votes in.

No idea about other places.

I went to vote at 7 am and already I had to wait for about an hour. And this is a college town, where nobody wakes up until the crack of noon!

What about lines outside? Do they give people some sort of identifying stamp that they were in line before?

Wisconsin law says that if you’re in line at 8pm when the polls close, you must be allowed to vote.

There was no line at all at my polling place. But Colorado allows early voting, which seemed to be very popular this year. That was at a nearby supermarket, and there was always at least a bit of a line when it was open. There’s also easy access to absentee voting, though there were reports that there were several screwups in getting lots of those delivered this year.

The regular polling place is right across the street from me, plus I really struggled trying to find one pres. candidate whose faults I thought I could live with. I called my wife on my way in and asked if she’d be willing to offer me some illegal voter tampering, and that was the deciding factor for me.

Wow, I screwed up on this poll. That many of you really expect more than 60%?

We had minimal lines, but Rochester has polling places for each block in the city. But I keep hearing reports that this may be the biggest voter turnout for a presidential election in at least a decade.

Just got back. It took roughly 6 minutes, 1 of which was spent standing in line, 1 for them to find my name, and the other 4 to go through the super-size PDA thingie they use here to vote.

My understanding is that it’s illegal for the polls to turn away anyone who’s in line at closing time. I’m not 100% positive on that, tho.

A few minutes with Google tells me that many “Voter’s Bill of Rights” documents say that if you’re in line by the time the polls are scheduled to close, you get to vote. I don’t see any references to a specific law, but I’m pretty sure it’s safe to say you’re safe to vote.

I’m easily hearing that predicted voter turnout is peaking as high as 65%.

How many eligible voters are there in the USA?

Something like 180 million? 190 million?

Gotta be 70% plus. I’m guessing ( hoping?) the college/youth vote will have a huge impact on this election.

85% turnout in CT!!!

85% - Can you believe that!

They were talking 70% in Alabama, too. A state that was a forgone conclusion. I am glad. I wonder if this fervor can be sustained for four years. Well, I guess I can hope for four months…maybe. What was it we were so excited about today again?


Damn, forgot already.

The numbers you are all tossing around are % of registered voters voting. The numbers in the poll are % of eligible voters. We haven’t had 60% turnout since the 70s.