Polygamy: Town in Arizona "reassigns" women to oth


The title should read: Polygamy: Town in Arizona “reassigns” women and children to other men.

A power struggle has emerged in a small, tightlipped community known for polygamy, with a number of men getting kicked out of the church-owned town and their wives and children being “reassigned” against their will to other men.

Now authorities in Arizona and Utah are stepping up their years-long investigation into the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, with the family “reassignments” sparking concerns of forced marriage of underage girls.

In a rare show of defiance in the typically secretive community, one man who was ordered to leave is refusing to do so, and is sharing information with authorities about church leader Warren Jeffs.

Ross Chatwin, 35, held a news conference Friday at his home in Colorado City. He said he is one of tens of men recently excommunicated from the church, capping a nine-month power struggle with Jeffs.

In an apparent move to solidify his control, Jeffs on Jan. 14 ordered 20 men to leave the area, but without their wives, children and personal property. Jeffs said a vision from God told him to force the men out. He later purged more men from the community, including Chatwin.

Ah, religious freedom: an excuse to be as perverted as you wanna be. :roll:

If you don’t have multiple wives, then you’re working with the terrorists…

Has the guy got guns, too? If so, call in the ATF and ready the incendiary grenades. These women and children need to be “saved.”

Hey, that’s the old “we had to destroy the village to save it” theory!

And here I was thinking such villages only existed in bad X-Files episodes. :shock:

Too bad there’s no compound that can spontaneously set itself on fire.

Yeah, so the children can die. That would be cool.


Yeah, so the children can die. That would be cool.[/quote]

but killing the adults is kosher?

shitbonerz, i thought we were just joking around here - dont worry about the kids!

Is this going to be another WACO? If so someone email me so I can dig a big fucking hole underground.

( John Titor Reference - never mind)

You’d never see this kind of shit in Australia.

(oh wait, we’ve got the guy that says the Matrix is real and has others that believe him)

There must be some article of clothing we can ban to correct this situation…

That would be “temple undergarments”.