Pompeii - Jon Snow versus the volcano

Remember all that stuff about gladiators in Pompeii?

You know nothing, Ioannis Nix.

Oh jebus. “The jewel of the empire?” “People would gather here” from the “four corners of the Roman world?” Pompeii was a friggin’ hick town. I’ve been there, it’s small. While populations were smaller then than today, it was a burg of 20,000 people in an empire which had numerous cities of 100,000 or more, and a capitol in the rough region of 1 million. It was no one’s idea of a major cultural center. It’s only famous because it was destroyed along with Herculaneum.

In the trailer’s defense, they did have gladiatorial fights now and then.

The movie looks like they wanted to remake gladiator, realized it was too early, and decided to throw in a volcano to get some more action and call it Pompeii instead. The february release is pretty telling as well for how well the movie will go, I’m sure.

All in all, it looks horrible, and its such a shame. A movie about Pompeii could have been awesome, but this isn’t it.

Oh, I wonder if it’s based on the Robert Harris novel…

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Guess not!

Pliny the Elder better be in this.


Wow, they butchered the novel completely.

Coming up soon. The previews look … not as good as I was hoping?

I bet the volcano wins. Should I have spoilered that?

Not at all, you saved me $10!