Pomplamoose - The Hyundai Christmas Music Duo

Anyone hear of this group before the Hyundai commercials?

The girl has a very distinctive voice , reminds me a bit of Dido.

Anyway, they seem to mostly be a cover band , lots of videos on you tube. Love their editing :)

They also have a book drive going , where you donate a book via amazon, and get their Christmas album free:


I ordered a 5$ book to be sent, after which I got the free Christmas album.

Songs on it are :

Up on the Housetop
Jingle Bells
Deck the Halls
Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy
Always in the Season

Pomplamoose: Hooray!

Yeah, they do covers, but they’re best (I think) when they make their own songs. Try Hail Mary or Expiration Date.


They’re playing the Warfield on Market Street on New Years Eve. Unfortunately, they don’t do very many live shows. Argh. I was planning to make a trip down to San Fran sometime soon, but that’s too soon.

I saw this commercial, thought it was just a local Socal one, but I guess not. They are too hipster for my taste, and the dead, soulless face she constantly makes creeps me out. They are not for me. I remember when they came up on QT3 before, and it’s good for them that they are getting some exposure, but…yeah.

eh , that links to some discussion in other threads about them, but no single thread FOR them, plus they got a book drive going now :p

That’s funny because her ‘look’ is what makes their act for me. Otherwise they’d just be another wannabe Youtube music group. Instead, they are immediately identifiable.

God, I heart Nataly Dawn.

Jesus christ, really? People like these clowns? That hyundai commercial makes me crazy. I want Dethklok to bust out of the screen and punch them in their hipster faces. With an axe.

Their ad was voted worst holiday ad.

Not saying there was anything wrong with the thread, just pointing out some other places they’ve popped up. (I probably should’ve clarified that, given the local internal-link idiom)

They look like every hipster ever to me, but I’m not really a hipster connoisseur.

What I mean is, if you go to the main Youtube page and if they have a video there you can spot it immediately.

Contrast that to all the other singers who have nondescript videos(with equally unrecognizable thumbnails). I imagine there must be a lot of hipsters on Youtube, but I can’t think of even one other hipster singer who is as recognizable. So, creepy/awkward/unsettling as that look may be, it serves its purpose remarkably well.

ok I live in a cave, what exactly is a hipster?

Someone who is so cool that it’s cool when they’re not cool. In air quotes.

Normally I’d condemn them as some hipster dorkus types, but something about that girl warms my eggnog.

Hi, we’re Pomplamoose! We’re a girl with a pixie haircut and a bad Regina Spector impression and a scrawny spastic guy singing twee songs desperately attempting to sound like an iPod commercial.

We’re not trying too hard at all!

Now buy a shitty Korean car.

That’s the thing, I’ve vaguely heard of Regina Spector but draw a blank on what she looks like.

Someone could ask “Have you see that commercial with Pomplomosque…?” and I’d know not only who they are talking about but even what they look like.


God, I hate those commercials.

Yeah, her creepy, unblinking doll-like stare kinda creeps me out. I got the same vibe from the Palm Pre girl a few years back.

My hipster friend LOVES them, and is very negative about the commercials. I am negative about the commercials because they are robbing me of the soothing tones of Jeff Bridges voice.