Pomplamoose - The Hyundai Christmas Music Duo

Haters gotta hate, I guess. My wife loves those commercials, so much so that I did the book drive thing, downloaded the Christmas “album”, burned it to a CD and snuck it in the CD player of her car.

She loved it. Now get off our lawn!


Another vote for Pomplamoose is awesome and you haters are dumb.

I am sad people here don’t appreciate Hyundai cars, they really are quite nice, and an alternative to someone who cannot afford a similar model from another manufacturer that cost 5k-10k $ more.

That’s 'cos they sold out, man. They’re main$tream now (yes, with a dollar sign for the s).

For the record, they make me want to stab candy canes into my ears. Or at least my speakers.

I don’t do that whole homespun, twee, hipster thing.

How to spot a hipster act that is trying too hard:

The name of the band is an intentional misspelling of the french word for “grapefruit”.

Nuff said.

Whats a twee?

the terms twee[1] and twee pop were used, initially ironically, due to what commentators called the “revolt into childhood” of its followers.

??? Maybe , I dunno , people and their fancy terms.

chiefly British: affectedly or excessively dainty, delicate, cute, or quaint

Someone I know linked to a video of them covering All the Single Ladies and it was one of the most frightening things I’ve ever seen on the internet.

I will admit that when they cover recent pop songs it’s not nearly as good as when they cover old standards. Their rendition of Mr. Sandman is awesome.

I liked hipsterism before it went mainstream.

Also, my favorite bands are so obscure that they haven’t even been formed yet.

  • Alan

Eh, I liked the commercials. I would never use a term such as awesome, but their rendition of deck the halls was distinctive and the duo made a wonderful study in contrasts. Or, let me put this way: I can remember the commercial and what they are selling.

I also did not pick up the hipster angle.

Yeah same sentiments here. I’ve driven a friend’s Hyundai Genesis and thought it was a lot nicer than some Lexuses (Lexii?) I’ve had experience with.

As far as pompousmoose, I remember seeing a video of theirs via the Lady Gaga Telephone thread and being mildly amused but thought they were trying too hard.

I don’t think they’re terrible, and the contrast between the creepy unblinking stare girl and the spazzy neckbeard is definitely intentional. I did enjoy when she broke out of stare mode in the ‘Telephone’ cover and started spazzing out with him for a few seconds, though.

I agree with this. Pomplamoose hover close to the nadir of “music” with their soulless, manufactured “quirk.” However, that atrocious Vampire Weekend song in the equally annoying Honda ad deserves some mention as well.

My grandmother just bought a Hyundai Genesis, and it is a seriously nice car, way more car than she needs.

That said, I can’t stand the precious Pomplamoose ad. In fact, I’m tired of all the ads featuring people who really can’t sing and just sort of get by on trying to be cute. (Comcast had a series of ads like this recently.)

And that whole generation of singer-songwriters whose every song sounds like an Apple commercial can go away now. I’m talking to you, Sara Bareilles in the Rhapsody commercial with the sensitive hipster boy.

Insert obligatory Get Off My Lawn here.

As always, when there is a question of propriety on the table, Bob the Angry Flower has it covered:

Please note that he addresses his mistake in thinking it meant pineapple at a later date.


I like them. I like them in small doses, but I can say that about a lot of music acts. And there’s no way a Hyundai ad can be the worst ad when there are holiday themed jewelry ads on. Kay Jewelers, Zales, etc. Absolutely vile.

Oh, man, especially the creepy Kay Jewelers ad with the couple in the cabin with the storm - that guy is totally a serial killer.

From the comments: “It’d be funny if someone spoofed this and instead of giving her a necklace, the guy gives his a severed finger with a ring on it”

I’m on a posting blitz because of the snow day today.

Here is the Pomplamoose girl complaining about her salad being too expensive.