Pop music genre toy thing that is interesting.

Here’s a little fun toy to play with. Some nerds were having enough of the endless genre discussions and decided to science the shit out of it. This is the result:

Click a genre to read about it and listen to it. Trace roots and marvel at the complexity of (pop)musical history.

Appreciate this!

yeah. Nice toy.

I always judge such visualizations by the quality of songs they select for certain genres.

I can say their selections for Prog Metal are on point, even if the specific songs by those bands would not have been my choices. Even if I find their positioning of Kamelot as Power Metal and Symphony X as Prog Metal both slightly suspect (both are more symphonic metal, hell Symphony X is almost the genesis of modern symphonic metal, picking up from Yngwie).

Still, a fun thing to poke around with.

Oh hell yeah, I love these things. There was an excellent one for various subgenres of electronic music I’d get lost in for hours sometimes, back in the day. Thanks for the thread!

Already seems flawed, they seem to have only minor connection between post-punk to goth/darkwave. Like they put Joy Division and Killing Joke under Post-Punk but Red Lorry Yellow Lorry and the Mission under Darkwave, and Bauhaus, The Cure and Siouxsie and the Banshees under Gothic Rock. Then like all the bands in their Industrial Rock playlist are inspired by Killing Joke but that’s over in Post-Punk.

They lost me when they listed 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover by Paul Simon as being in the Folk section and performed by Simon and Garfunkel. Yeah. Not.

Are you talking about Ishkur’s Guide to Electronic Music? Because he recently (well, last year) made an entirely new version. It’s amazing…

I really like exploring this one and it conveniently links to Spotify playlists. There’s info about what it means at the bottom of the page or in the About.


Oh, very cool, thanks for sharing.

You too @Jaws_au and @Clay (although I’m not on Spotify, booo!).

Along the same lines, I use this as my desktop background:

/surfs page
/goes to stoner metal
/Sleep isn’t on playlist
/Electric Wizard isn’t on playlist
/closes page

Which page?

The first one, the Musicmap. Not gonna drag the research down because I find the playlists a little weak, though. It’s a really fun page, and I finally learned all the different techno genres. “Gabber” was a real genre, for instance. :)