Popcap's zombie game?

I understand that Popcap of all companies has a zombie game in development. Nothing comes up in google and I don’t remember anything from pc game/Games for Windows magazines. Anyone heard any details?

George A. Romero’s Dawn of the Peggle




I don’t know about you, but Peggle pretty much turned me into a zombie for a good week or so.

Casual zombie mayhem? As long as it’s not something like this:

So Rob, care to divulge your source?

The internets!

Really, just a friend asked me if I knew something and even after hitting google I still know nothing. :\

By the way, the latest popcap newsletter has the following call:

HELP Us Find George Romero

We’d love to meet with legendary film director George Romero about a project we’re working on… but we can’t seem to find him. If you know of any way we can reach him, send us a note at [email protected].